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In recent globalizing society, we use language as a communication tool. The more and more tools you can use, we can contribute to the society, or we can success in having more jobs. Especially speaking English is strongest weapon you can have, because of the fact that English has become one of the most shared languages in this world today. Why acquiring English important? Why having multiple tools, or obtaining multi languages can contribute to your work? This is because more and more language you can speak, you can have choice to do job with various people, that’s why today’s Japanese companies really want to have such human resources. In some leading companies, only speaking English is allowed to do your job, or even in middle class companies, some presentations that you will do will be held in English.

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So, basically in future, for the people who has not acquired English yet, it will be a huge obstacle assuming today`s character of society when we do our jobs. There are especially two things I want look for in this essay. Which is, when and where we should start studying English? For example, should we go to abroad in younger ages and start to use English like primary language, because this would be an important choice for both children and their parents. The second thing is, is it better for children to stay in Japan to build the foundation of your English, then they should start study in abroad like we normally do as university student. By comparing these two ways, I think we can find the compromising point, even for the people who has the difficulty of going abroad for study, or for the people who are not actually interested in English, but thinking they should do minimum level of studying. Before I move on to my topic, I think my experience in Canada can be a great example to emphasize this topic, because I went to Canada during elementary school period, which can be the one side of my comparison. When I was in elementary school period, I went to the local school in Canada due to my father`s job and my environment of studying English has changed from Earth to heaven.

It`s pretty obvious, but most of the people during their childhood does not know or care about their acquirement of second languages, because also I had no idea why I have to learn English although I am Japanese, and I can already speak enough Japanese to communicate with others. This was my first wondering point when I first work in to elementary school and noticed that I cannot survive without acquiring the skill to use English. When it come to my mind, my precious time in my elementary school went fast, although they were really fulfilling time. This was because in first day of my school, even the kid with the age of 10 years old or so, could sense that without speaking English, I would not survive in this school, so I do not clearly remember my process of learning English, but somehow I had the power to communicate with my friends immediately. I think this can be the clue for our topic, because I never tried to acquire English, but what I tried to do was to survive or to adapt to my new environment because without my new tool, I have no idea whether I could survive my childhood ages. From my stories, my conclusion will be it is quite different to study English in foreign countries or in domestic.

Firstly, moving on to my first topic, where and how should we learn English? My conclusion is indicated above, which is it is better for people to study abroad and it is better for them to start studying from younger ages. This conclusion is not only supported by my experience but also from the period of time called ‘The critical period’. According to the Professor. Oishi from Kinjo Gakuin University, ‘there are a period of time that makes people easier for them to acquire second language, and it is likely to be said that after the period of adolescence, it will be difficult to acquire 2nd language completely.’ For this ‘critical period’ we can give other example. Dugs and chickens are said that if they could not acquire to pick a feed within 16 to 20 hours after they came to birth, they can never acquire them again. This is very shocking fact, but this ‘critical period’ is a period of time that it make possible for a living being to acquire things more advance. From thinking about this period, now I can understand that my experience in Canada, and how I could learn English way faster than now. I believe that we should use this ‘critical period’ more effectively for language acquirement. Next point is whether today`s Japanese English education system can be effective for today`s society or not.

According to the survey by student of the Keiwa Gakuin University, ‘out of the 30 junior high school student, 20 of them said, they enjoy their English class in their school. On the other hand, out of the 70 general people, 42 people answered, ‘no’ to their question and stated that they only did grammar, or they felt that it was only for their school examination.’ By looking at this result, it is confusing to find out the answer that whether Japanese education system can be effective or not, however we could know the tie breaker, which was that reason of those junior high school students who were interested in English class was just because they could do well, and get good grades. We cannot say that today`s system is very effective, because the goal after the acquirement of English should not be whether students can go to good schools, but it should be a tool for communicating with various foreigners.

Lastly, by comparing my two topics, we can easily know that studying in abroad during the period of adolescent is most crucial when we want to acquire English as your second language. This is because, like we could know from the survey, today`s Japanese student misunderstand the goal and aim for holding the English class. This is the failure of school, because it is cruel for students to think about future, or determine the importance of second language during younger ages. Then, we should find the compromising point to study English in Japan, because although we could know that studying English in abroad can be the biggest solution to our topic, it is impossible for all the Japanese people to go to abroad. By reviewing the ‘critical period’ and my experience, I believe that keeping in touch with English from younger ages in outside of your school can be the minimum level of requirement for all the Japanese students and responsibility for parents when we think about today`s globalizing society.

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