English Poetry, Rudyard Kipling - the White Man's Burden

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Rudyard Kipling declares that whites tend to dwell in a high class and sustain uniqueness. Consequently, I assume mankind is not differentiated based on color and intellectualism. Born during the dictate of the British over the subcontinent, Kipling interpreted the rule over the subcontinent as a blessing for the people. He affirms that the brown people should be grateful to their ‘civilizing’ conquerors. He appreciates the White for civilizing the people in an attempt to implement their imperialism as part of their historical development. During that era, the British had control over several major parts of the world. The United States, however, was under isolation and was preparing to become imperialist. Kipling drafted this poem under observation of the US-Spain war. He, according to that present situation, asserts that the white dominate themselves in terms of speech, concepts, and culture. Kipling dubs their struggle as the white man’s burden of promoting the colonial people they rule over. He calls the newly caught people sully and devilish as well as criticizes them for being childish and indebted to the white people, and why would someone exalt anyone’s rule over their individualism, and let go of their freedom in the name of ‘civilization’.

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Consequently, the act of seizing the freedom of expression, ideas and opinions of people in no way shows the civilization of people, this act is extremely disregarded and miserable for civilizing. According to my view, all humanity has struggled to achieve what they have. This doesn’t necessarily give credit to a specific class of people, the entire mankind stands proud for it. The white, in any way, alone doesn’t deserve to be appreciated. Neither the white nor the black dominate over each other in class. Since the origination, humans have struggled for their destinies. Likewise, the people of the subcontinent and Eastern Europe who were ruled by the British had the right to freedom and were not inferior to being the victims. British rule over the many parts of the world inherited its roots from the cells of racism that incurred into the white because of superiority and power. Humanity, in its earliest days, never differentiated between themselves. Humans started dominating themselves over others in terms of race, religion, wealth and color. This today, has led to the destruction of intellectualism among people. This era of human domination has left people in inferiority. Racism has annihilated the subject of merit and honesty. This has affected society in terms of honesty and unity, racism between classes decreased the love between people and made them feel dreadful of each other. The way people initiated abandoning loyalty and encouragement between themselves, the society started declining giving rise to many insecure problems.

The conscience of humans never allows humans to establish hate and separation between themselves and abandon mankind. In ethical and religious terms, no religion in the world preaches racism and grants its followers to perform such an inhuman act. People who practice such acts keep a dead conscience and don’t have love for mankind.

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