Environmental Awareness of Grade 12 Students of Peñaranda National High School

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A famous saying once said that “Nature doesn’t need people, people need nature”, thus it’s a must for us to take care of it. And theirs is no denying that we are abusing its charity for us. Given that, it’s also necessary for us to raise awareness and act for the environment and for our greater good. It can only be done by starting it on ourselves, for a reason that if you can learn and do something on your own it will be easy to influence others around you that they can also make it happen to.

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Alarming sea level rising caused by melting of ice glaciers through global warming is an example of the most disturbing results of abusing our environment. It seriously shows the irresponsibility of humans to the environment; hence as the one responsible for its current condition, we are also responsible for its safekeeping and protecting it as much as we can for ourselves and for the next generation to come.

Youth plays an important role in saving the environment, for a reason that engaging them in environmental protection not only creates direct impact on changing their behaviors and attitude, but also there is a possibility for them to influence their parents, relative and everyone close to them. More importantly future generations will also be affected by their course of action in the environment at the present. However today we find the youth those who are more interested in other places which are not useful to them as well as nationally. They choose to spend their days doing drugs and playing video games. They spend their nights partying and living it up, so to speak. More and more young men of this age group are sitting at home in front of their televisions playing games all day instead of bettering themselves or going to work. They have no vision and if they do have dreams they do not have the drive to make any attempt at achieving them, but being the backbone of the nation they can change the future of the society with their well-being and courageous behavior (Acharya, 2013). As our national hero once said “youth is the hope of the fatherland” as the youth becomes more dependable, hope becomes brighter.

“Implementing environmentally friendly practices is becoming more and more essential for success in today’s event and meeting business. Sustainability has become increasingly important as an evaluation criterion for meeting planners, and venues are often asked about their implementation of specific green initiatives as part of a bid. Venues are finding that initiating sustainable practices is as good for the bottom line as it is for the planet” (Cooper, 2017). By implementing environmental practices in the communities especially in schools, we can use it as a catalyst to improve and foster their awareness of the environment.

The responsibilities of a teacher in the classroom are also important and it stretches beyond the education and safety of students. They have to consider environmental concerns to run an Eco-Friendly Classroom. They have the attention of students on a day to day basis; they also watch their teachers every move. Therefore, it is important that they implement energy saving practices like turning off lights and recycling products, which sends students a positive message about helping the environment, simply being a role model for the students also plays a crucial role on their development (Ideas For Going Green in the Classroom. (n.d.). Retrieved from Therefore both teachers and students must cooperate for themselves and the environment.

Society is in the midst of one of the most profound paradigm shifts in history. Technological advances are changing the way we live. This societal shift is leading to more screen time for children. As a consequence, today’s generation of children is the first to grow up indoors. Children must first experience nature on their own terms before they can be asked to consider and address our more complex environmental issues. This is where parental teaching comes in; Parents can help by encouraging their children to spend time outdoors. Children need the opportunity to develop a personal connection with nature. This means hands-on learning, which encourages gentle observation. Walks around the neighborhood, trips to nearby forests or parks, day trips to the beach or mountains all provide opportunities for discovery that generate curiosity and passion. Discovery is the precursor to environmental literacy and advocacy for our children (The Growing Room Academy, 2016). Guiding their child to the right path is a must for the parents to do.

“Environmental awareness proves important for several reasons; it fosters a sense of connection to the natural world, promotes sustainable development and encourages conservation of irreplaceable natural resources and vulnerable plant and animal species. Environmental awareness essentially serves as an educational tool, helping people around the world understand the economic, aesthetic and biological importance of preserving resources and reducing or eliminating the harmful impacts of man-made alterations. Environmental awareness or education helps people understand the consequences of human activities on various lands and identifies remedial solutions” (Moss, 2016).

We live in an environment where bodies of water in the planet where contaminated by oil spill and wastewater from homes, industrial facilities, factories, and manufacturing plants and an environment where gas emission is so extreme that it can rapidly cause global warming and climate change. And so an immediate precaution has to be made before it’s too late, by raising the environment awareness of each individual especially the students will make us understand the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection that will lead them to act for its wellness.

Development also means meeting the needs of the people. While meeting the ever-growing needs, we put pressure on the environment. When the pressure exceeds the carrying capacity of the environment to repair or replace itself, it creates a serious problem of environmental degradation. If we use any environmental resource such as ground water beyond its limit of replacement, we may lose it forever. Therefore, there is a need to create ‘awareness’ about Environmental protection. While efforts are being made at the national and international level to protect our environment, it is also the responsibility of every citizen to use our environmental resources with care and protect them from degradation (Krasniqi, 2017).And also because the environment right now is undeniably in its dire state. To share your knowledge about the environment to others is no small feat. And through actions may it be big or small doesn’t matter as long as you can influence anyone around you, for a reason that one individual cannot accomplished a world wide scale issue like the safety and the safekeeping of our environment alone, but with the help of others achieving something like this doesn’t seem impossible.

As a Grade 12 student, our perception on environmental awareness is essential for a reason that being aware of what is happening to our surrounding will make us more responsible on the things that we do, And also by implementing environmental friendly practices at home and especially at school will eventually lead to influencing your fellow students and everyone around you, that also may affect their own perception of the environment. Learning to appreciate our environment we can be more aware on what is happening around us, and also as a student the researcher feel more motivated on doing this study and hope to accomplish something that will eventually help our environment and the society. The researcher also wants to influence the other students especially his respondents, for a reason that the researcher not only want his respondents to be more knowledgeable about the environment and what to do to preserve it but also to act and inspire other people around them to understand what they are doing and what they are doing it for.

Significance of the study

This study is an attempt to address specific issues related to “Environmental awareness of Grade 12 students of Peñaranda National High School, Nueva Ecija. The study is expected to contribute in the field of research and environment. Vital results of this study could be highly significant and beneficial not only in the community but also to the students and teachers.

Students. The outcome of this study may serve the student as their reference or guide in knowing the importance of environmental practices and raising their environmental awareness not only for the environment but also for the whole world and themselves.

Teachers. To know the perspective of the students concerning our environment and to know what are the good strategies to formulate, for them to effectively teach the students about environmental awareness.

Parents. If they allow their child to learn more knowledge about environmental awareness, it can help them to make their child a more disciplined individual.

School administrator. This study will help them understand what is the best action needed to raise the environmental awareness of their students that will greatly benefit the school.

Guidance counselor. This study will help them to elucidate the teaching strategies that can help students to have a better understanding in the environment.

School principal. This study will benefit them, by providing data that would help the teachers’ performance in teaching environment related studies that will eventually help the students.

Local government unit officials. The result of this study will help them examine on what environmental friendly practices or propagandas that will help them ensure the wellness of the community.

Future researchers. The proposed study will benefit and help the future researcher as their guide.

Conceptual Framework

Environmental awareness plays a crucial role in our society, community and more importantly in the well-being of our environment. It should involve planning, action, and communication of the specific idea concerned related to environmental protraction, its logic, and how it will benefit people. It should involve short-term and long-term measures. The following can be done in this regards: Make it one of the top priority of the government, It should be taught to all children from primary to middle class as core subject, This should not be just symbolic; but must imbibe instilling a realistic concern in all children, There should be awards and recognition for children who show good work in this regard, Promoting the idea through stories as ads on TV and radio, Planting saplings of trees; every tree cut for development projects must be replaced by planting at least 50-100 saplings, Participating by government at international level and adopting the action plan in government policies, Awards, recognition and incentives for industrial set ups at green sites, and those who take initiatives for environment protection (Saini, 2014).

So in short by being a responsible and mature member of the society we can all contribute for the safety and safekeeping of our environment. As shown in Figure 1 indicates the subcomponents of the perception of Grade 12 students on environmental awareness based from: environmental friendly practices and raising environmental awareness. The Grade 12 students’ perception is presented in the framework as being influenced by the demographic profile of the students and the over-all general weighted average of the students, these may affect the degree of learning of the students for the environment in certain degrees, For example having a low grades and limited budget can affect their actual experience and learning in doing environmental friendly practices and for raising their environmental awareness.

Independent Variables Dependent Variables

The paradigm states the relationship and courses of actions or present a preferred approach between the independent and dependent variables, where the demographic profile and the over-all general weighted average of the respondents as the independent variable and the perception of Grade 12 students of Peñaranda National High School as the dependent variable.

This study aims to analyze the “Environmental Awareness of Grade 12 Students of Peñaranda National High School”. The hypothesis were formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. Especially, this study will test the following Null hypothesis. Null Hypotheses:

  1. There is no significant relationship between the over-all general weighted average of the respondents and environmental friendly practices.
  2. There is no significant relationship between the over-all general weighted average of the respondents and raising the environmental awareness.
  3. There is no significant relationship between the perception of the respondents on environmental awareness based from environmental friendly practices and raising the environmental awareness.

Definition of Variables

In order to provide a clear understanding if this study, important terms are defined here in. Grade 12 students. This refers to the twelfth grade students of a Senior High School. In this study this is operationalized as the respondents of the study Perception. This refers to the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses. In this study this is operationalized as the respondents’ score in the given questionnaire.

Environment. This refers to the natural world, as a whole or in a particular geographical area, especially as affected by human activity. In this study this is operationalized as the respondents’ main idea on where their awareness is based from.

Environmental awareness. Being aware of the natural environment and making choices that benefit rather than hurt the earth we live on. In this study the variable operationalized as follows:

Environmental friendly practices. This term most commonly refers to products that contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources like water and energy.

Raising environmental awareness. It means raising the awareness for the natural environment and making choices that will elevate one individuals’ awareness for the environment.

Scope and Delimitations of the Study

The study is limited to the environmental awareness of the grade 12 students of Peñaranda National High School, Nueva Ecija. The general purpose of this study is to know the perception of environmental awareness of the grade 12 students of Peñaranda National High School, Nueva Ecija. The topics looked into were: Environmental friendly practices and raising environmental awareness. The respondents of this study were limited to the 292 Grade 12 students of Peñaranda National High School, Nueva Ecija, using Slovin’s formula the researcher found out the sample population of 169 students with the level of significance 0.05 during the school year 2018-2019.

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