Environmental Issues in the Lorax Movie

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Environmental Benefits the Planet Provides
  • Environmental Issues Portrayed in The Lorax
  • The Devastating Harm of Deforestation and Pollution
  • Conclusion


Hi, My name is Tiara, and I speak for the trees. The world is ours, if we do not take responsibility for the care of the environment, then our world will be even more polluted than it already is. Our world, like the Lorax's, is facing major environmental problems like pollution, global warming, oil spills, littering, a Great Pacific Garbage Patch, deforestation, and loss of animal habitat. In the Lorax, many environmental problems were faced because of human activities. If we don’t take care of our planet and let polluting industry and corporate greed continue we will end up destroying our homes like environmental issues in the Lorax movie.

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The Environmental Benefits the Planet Provides

Plants provide shelter, food, oxygen, and water purification. Without trees the pollution from big factories destroys the air and the water, driving the animals away because of landscape change. plants and animals are the beauty of this earth.

If all the animals die due to change in the environment then the ecosystem would be destroyed, plants and animals give us oxygen and if they disappear we would too because then we won't be able to breathe. After all, animals and plants give us oxygen.

Environmental Issues Portrayed in The Lorax

The Lorax was written in 1972, some environmental issues that occurred in 1972 were air and water pollution. The clean water act of 1972 is the basic framework of legislation on water regulations in the United States. The year is now 2019 and we still today face major environmental concerns such as water pollution, deforestation, pollution, and climate change. Many people like Ted are scared that we won’t make it to see 2050 because of the major issues dealing with the environment.

Every year, water in the United States is contaminated with 1.2 trillion gallons of stormwater, industrial runoff wastewater, and sewage that are dumped into freshwater sources throughout the country.

This is important because Water covers over 70% of the Earth's surface and is a very important resource for people and the environment. Water pollution affects drinking water, rivers, lakes, and oceans. This harms human health and the natural environment.

The Devastating Harm of Deforestation and Pollution

Deforestation has destroyed virgin forests by 75% percent since 1600. In 2015, 33.9% of the total land area was under forests, including primary, naturally regenerating, and other woodlands. Deforestation and forest degradation can happen quickly It can also happen gradually as a result of ongoing forest degradation as temperatures rise due to climate change caused by human activity. This is important because Keeping forests intact also helps prevent floods and drought by regulating regional rainfall

In 2015, pollution killed 9 million people in the world. Major forms of pollution include Air pollution, light pollution, littering, noise pollution, plastic pollution, soil contamination, radioactive contamination, thermal pollution, visual pollution, and water pollution.

Pollution is bad because It may cause diseases, allergies, and even death to humans; it may also cause harm to other living organisms such as animals and food crops and may damage the natural or built environment. Air pollution causes damage to crops, animals, forests, and bodies of water. It also contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer, which protects the Earth from the sun's UV rays.


In conclusion. The main message in The Lorax was to shine a light on major environmental issues that we as people so lightly look over. The message was to inform us to take care of our would before it’s too late about environmental issues in the Lorax movie.

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