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Environmental Issues That Impact The Tourism Industry: Global Warming Causes

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The meeting in Copenhagen in 2009 was to discuss ways to avoid global warming. As with other industries, this industry also faces problems. For example, they need to solve the problem for an eco-friendly business. Below is an environmental issue that impacts the tourism industry and needs to be resolved by the parties involved and is looking for long term solutions.

The problem of greenhouse gas emissions is a major apprehension for the industry. The aviation industry is working to solve this problem, by launching a new aircraft that uses a more quality engine to expose carbon emissions. Nevertheless, only a few airlines are capable of doing so, as some small airlines are unable to buy new aircraft.

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Figure tourism, people can travel to unpredictable places by air transportation, as it makes travel costs much cheaper. This leads to the areas of environmental interest and the historic area to be overcrowded and ecosystem stresses also occur and it threatening the environment of flora and fauna. Climate change also gives an enormous impact on this, because tourists will not choose a destination that has an uncontrollable climate and a bad climate. And of course the area with good climate will be a tourist destination. The impact, the ecosystem in the area is very dangerous.

Subsequent is logging, there is still massive logging in some areas although this issue has been discussed around the world. This also causes tourist areas to be threatened by the destruction of flora and fauna. Afterward “go green” calls can affect the travel industry around the world. Because those in the industry will be depressed because they need to find ways to make a business that can be made and environmentally friendly and it is very complicated. For example, can the hotel industry build a more eco-friendly hotel?.

Finally, human encroachment, such areas as protected national protected areas have been invaded by humans. And the quantity is increasing. It causes wild animals to look for villages to find their habitat. Indirectly, many of the residents about their livestock were killed by wild animals. This can also be attributed to why wild animals are considered a threat. And then the area will be considered an unsafe area to travel. So hunters, hunt wild animals and cause wild animals to look for other habitats to avoid the extinction of their species.

One of the hot topics discussed around the world is about environmental. Various companies have spent millions of dollars just producing eco-friendly products. For instance, electric cars are replaced with petrol cars.


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