Environmental Pollution: Causes and Effects of Pollution

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The main reason I chose this topic is that I am from a country that deals with all kind of pollution and how it has affected a lot of people. Also, I have also been a victim of pollution (water pollution). Each paragraph of my essay explains the causes, effects, and solution to all types of pollution that is mentioned in my essay. The paragraph of my essay also explains how I became a victim and my personal experience of how it all happened and what I did. Backed up with sources. However, the last paragraph has a conclusion to how pollution, in general, can be avoided and solved.

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Causes, Effects and Solutions to Pollution What are some Urban issues human experience? One of the urban issue that human observes in their area today is environmental pollution. Environmental pollution could be defined as a situation whereby pollutants contaminate the environment they live in. Air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution have negative effects and a way of contributing to human’s unhealthy lifestyle. Soil pollution also occurs when the pollutants, get contaminants, having toxic chemicals in the soil that were not properly processed can lead to soil pollution. Plants, human, and wildlife are results of soil being in a high concentration which can cause a negative effect. Hence, the main causes of soil pollution include industrial activity, waste disposal, acid rain agricultural activities and oil spill. “A barium bio concentration factors (BCF) study reported a soil to plant BCF of o.4 based on the exposure of a variety of plants species to mean barium soil concentrations” (Canadian soil quality guidelines for barium. This shows the effect of barium on soil and how it could be affected by a bad number of chemicals. “It is flat and green, but it is not safe. When an old house burns down, leaded paints and household chemicals end up in the soil”. (Time to stop kicking the can down the road on lead levels in Winnipeg’s soil pg.1)
Another cause of soil pollution was found in a family house in Winnipeg due to the burning down of a house next to their house. 

The news also explained how the house owners around their area leveled it and planted grass but was not still a safer idea of preventing the soil from getting polluted. The family suggested that human should make sure they always get their soil tested and dig through the floor properly in other to avoid health risk. Especially for those people who love planting food in their gardens at home.
One of the reasons why we get the air we breathe in polluted is because of wrong forest burning. Air contamination is a standout amongst the most hazardous types of contamination. A natural, substance and physical change of the air happens when smoke, dust, and any hurtful gases go into the air and make it hard for every living being to get by as the air ends up sullied. Consuming of petroleum derivatives, horticultural related exercises, mining activities, exhaust from businesses and industrial facilities, and family unit cleaning items involve air contamination. Individuals discharge a gigantic measure of concoction substances noticeable all around consistently.

 The impacts of air contamination are disturbing. It causes an Earth-wide temperature boost, corrosive downpours, respiratory and hearth issues, and eutrophication. A great deal of natural life species is compelled to change their environment to endure. However, Elevated amounts of air contamination can cause an expanded danger of heart assault, wheezing, hacking, and breathing issues, and bothering of the eyes, nose, and throat. Air contamination can likewise cause declining of existing heart issues, asthma, and other lung complexities. Like people, creatures can experience the ill effects of various medical issues because of air contamination, including birth surrenders, regenerative disappointment, and infections.
Air contamination makes various ecological impacts likewise the consequences for people and creatures. Corrosive downpour contains abnormal amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids that are made by oxides and sulfur oxides discharged into the air by the copying of petroleum products. Corrosive downpour harms trees and ferments soils and water bodies, making the water unreasonably acidic for fish and other sea-going life. Nitrogen oxides discharged into the air by the copying of non-renewable energy sources likewise add to the nitrogen in charge of harmful green growth sprouts. The arrival of man-made mixes including hydro chlorofluorocarbons, chlorofluorocarbons, and halons earlier utilized as coolants, frothing operators, pesticides, solvents, airborne fuels, and firehouses are exhausting the ozone.

 The ozone layer in the stratosphere frames a defensive layer that reflects hurtful bright beams once more into space that would somehow or another decimate creature and vegetation. Though these are some causes and effects of air pollution, there is also a solution to these problems and how to prevent it. In the article ‘A smoke Management Framework for British Colombia”. Shows how the government is trying to prevent air pollution from occurring in British Columbia and the solution on how to deal with the situation. These solutions are less wood burning in fireplaces, less open burning, good recycling habits, and less forest burning during summer.Having to live without water can be very harmful to everything around us. water is a natural resource that provides and brings a big connection to our everyday lifestyle. However, water can be affected by natural causes and humans. Supplement contamination is brought about by wastewater, sewage, and manures. The abnormal amounts of supplements in these sources end up in waterways and advance green growth and weed development, which can make the water undrinkable and drained oxygen making amphibian creatures bite the dust. Pesticides and herbicides connected to crops and neighborhoods amass in the dirt and are conveyed to the groundwater by water and spillover. 

Consequently, whenever somebody penetrates a well for water it must be checked for contamination. Mechanical waste is one of the fundamental drivers of water contamination, by making essential and optional poisons including sulfur, lead and mercury, nitrates and phosphates, and oil slicks. In creating nations around 70% of their strong waste is dumped straightforwardly into the sea or ocean. This causes major issues including the hurting and slaughtering of ocean animals, which at last influences people. Water contamination is a genuine danger to people, creatures, and amphibian life. The impacts of water contamination rely upon which synthetic substances are being dumped where. Waterways that are close urbanized territories will, in general, be vigorously contaminated by dumping of trash and synthetic compounds, both lawfully and illicitly, by mechanical plants, well-being focuses, and people. By a long shot, the greatest result of water contamination is the passing of amphibian animals, which can upset the whole natural way of life. Toxins, for example, cadmium, mercury, and lead are eaten by small amphibian life forms that are then eaten by fish and shellfish, ending up progressively focused with each progression up the natural pecking order and causing major issues in people and untamed life. Supplement contamination can cause lethal algal sprouts in drinking water sources that make poisons that execute fish and other sea-going creatures. Direct presentation to this lethal alga causes genuine medical issues in people including neurological impacts, respiratory issues, stomach and liver disease, and rashes. 

A weighty issue is made when disinfectants used to treat drinking water achieve water dirtied with dangerous green growth, they respond to making dioxins. Dioxins are very hurtful synthetic intensifies that have related to conception and improvement issues, and much malignancy.Nitrates, brought about by composts, likewise pollute drinking water and as indicated by the Environmental Protection Agency, babies who devour water that is high in nitrates can turn out to be truly sick with the blue-child disorder, which causes shortness of breath and blue-tinted skin, and can prompt passing if not treated early. (“Renewable resources coalition”) Although water contamination can also be caused by climate change People in India have also suffered from water pollution, places like Deli is a city in India that suffers from water pollution. One of the causes of India’s water pollution is due to climate change and cannot be controlled.

In India, most women have suffered from breastfeeding their children due to water pollution. Also, India is a heated land that has mostly summer weather compared to Canada that the summer wealth is seasonal. India has suffered from many crises during the summer period and must dig from the floor just to get water to feed their crops, in fact, during the hot weather Indians in Deli find it very hard to feed and maintain their growing crops and grains which feeds two billion people. In India, twenty to thirty people died due to climate change in Deli and people not having fresh water to drink after houses collapsed and the water got contaminated (“India water crisis”).

 Finding all these causes and effects on water pollution is very disturbing. Humans can bring a change to these problems by minimizing storm water runoffs and practice responsible use of fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides.

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