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Epidemiological study of insects bite reaction from Pune city

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Mosquitoes, flies, ticks and fleas are the main cause of bites and stings. These insects occur worldwide and may transmit diseases. Some insects are found only in certain geographic locations. Most people experience occasional stings and bites but after natural disasters such as floods and storms, the numbers of bites and stings are often greatly increased. The following list shows the main insect groups whose bites can cause reactions in the skin and which may transmit diseases.

Biting flies and mosquitoes: This group includes various types of species of flies and mosquito. It is a major group of insect which can cause dermatitis.

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Bees, wasps, hornets and ants: Stings by members of this group may cause anaphylaxis. In fact, the stings by this group of insects cause an estimated % of all cases of anaphylaxis.

Fleas: The flea is the most common cause of problems in humans. Bites from fleas look like groups of red itchy bumps on the body. Some lesions may blister. Fleas can transmit diseases such as typhus.

Lice: Lice are wingless insects that cause head, body or pubic lice infestations.

Mites: Scabies is caused by infestation of the surface layer of the skin (epidermis) by Sarcoptesscabei that infests only humans. The insect most frequently burrows into the skin of the web spaces of the hands and around the wrists. Most, but not all, infected individuals become allergic to the presence of the mite and develop groups of itchy red lumps over time, involving web spaces of hands, on elbows, around the edges of the armpits, around the nipples, buttocks and genital area. The itchiness is frequently worse at night and may interrupt sleep.

Bedbugs: These are bloodsucking insects that bite at night producing rows of red swollen lumps where they contact the skin.

Cause of reaction: Methodology

Selection of area of survey. Selected Satara city as rural area and Pune city as an urban area.

The study is being carried out in the clinic of skin specialist Dr. Rohan Patil. (M.B.B.S. DVD. ), Satara.

patients of insect bite reaction are studied during the month of September- October-November 17.

The history of patients were taken and case study was done.

Collection of photographs of insect bite reactions of patients.

6. Further study will carry out in the clinic of Dr. Kshitendra Krishna.(M.D. Skin), Pune.

7. After the collection of data, the statistical analysis will carry out.

Results: Individuals vary widely in their response to the bite of a particular insect, but for the most bites of different species, there is a high degree of similarity. Accordingly, it is difficult to determine the responsible species on the basis of the appearance of the lesion. There are, however, important clues that a particular eruption is probably caused by an insect. The frequency of chief complains of itching, burning, and pain as per the questionnaire used in the study. In Satara region which is rural area, there are 6 species of insect found abundantly which are causing insect bite dermatitis.

The species which are causing dermatitis I:


Bed bugs

Blister beetles



6. Wasps

Mosquito Bite- patients with mosquito bite are seen. Mosquito is a common insect which cause little reaction on skin. The intensity of mosquito bite is large but it is not harmful to the body therefore the patients does not approach to the doctor. The reaction contains rash, redness of skin, itching.

Bedbug Bite- Bed bug bite is very common in rural areas. It is also not harmful to the body so patients prefer to home remedy and does not approach to doctor very quickly. patients are seen. The reaction causes rows of red swollen lumps.

Beetle Bite- Blister beetle is common beetle in Satara which causes dermatitis. The intensity of reaction is high and can cause harm to body. The Beetle bite causes itching, redness of skin, blisters, lesions. If the treatment is not taken properly then there is a possibility of infection. 7 patients are seen.

Flea Bite- It is common problem in the humans. patients were seen. It causes itching, blisters, redness of skin.

Honeybee Bite- Honeybee can be hazardous for the people. patients were seen. Honeybee bite can cause anaphylaxis. It includes itchy rash, redness, swollen body, throat or tongue swelling, shortness of breath, vomiting, low blood pressure.

Wasp Bite- Two patients were seen. It causes itching, redness, swollen body. Also may lead to anaphylaxis. It is seen that from patients, 7 patients are of beetle bite, of mosquito bite, of bed bug bite, of honeybee bite, of flea bite and of wasp bite.

Table No. 1 Insects bite survey

Bite Patient Gender Age Occupation

Mosquito 1.Male 8 Student

Male Student

Female 7 Student

Bedbug Male Student

Female Housewife

Male Worker

Beetle 7 1.Male Gardner

Male Farmer

Male 6 Student

Female Farmer

Male Worker

Female Student

Male 8 Student

Flea 1.Male 7 Student

Male Farmer

Honeybee 1.Male Farmer

Female Student

Male 6 Student

Wasp 1.Female Housewife

Male 8 Student

(From table no. 1),It is seen that these insect species are more harmful for the age group of 0 to i.e. for children. Out of patients, patients are of this group. Children plays outside of the house or on playground most of the times. They play in the grass, bushes etc. so the possibility of insect bite is more in the children.

Out of patients, 6 patients are adult male and are adult female. In study it is seen that the adult people do not get affected by the insect bite easily. Also they prefer to the home remedies. It is seen that most of the people are working in crop fields. Their occupation is farming so they always comes in contact with the crops, bushes, grass, trees, etc. They do not take proper care while working in farms so the possibility of insect bite is high. In the total study, % patients were of beetle bite, 1 are of mosquito bite, 1 are of bedbug bite, 1 are of honeybee bite, 10% are of flea bite and 10% are of wasp bite.

Collected data is conclude that the insect dermatitis can causes to anyone but the number of insect bite dermatitis is greater in children. The occupation is also important factor for the study of insect bite dermatitis. Occupation can be a cause of insect bite reaction.

It is also seen that the species which is abundant for causing dermatitis is mosquito and bedbug, but patients do not approach to the doctor for the treatment. They prefer home remedies like applying ice, moisturizer, aloe vera, honey, baking soda, toothpaste, etc. Proper care should be taken while going outside like wearing full clothes, applying insect repellent cream etc. Use of blanket and mosquito net is also helpful


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