Goals of Epigen Care and the Innovations Company Brought into the Skin Care Industry

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Table of Contents

  • Epigen Care
  • Venture Contemplations
  • Their Identity
  • Destinations
    Foundation and Industry Issues
  • The Skincare Market
  • Restrictive Skincare Test
    Venture Advertising
  • Conclusion

Epigen Care

Venture Contemplations

  1. Reason. This record is certifiably not a formal or customary speculation outline or offering notice and the data put forward in this archive is for instructive utilize just and may not be thorough. No bit of this record will suggest any components of a legally binding relationship.
  2. General Dangers. All ventures are for the most part theoretical in nature and include generous danger of misfortune. We emphatically urge speculators to utilize full due industriousness to contribute painstakingly, for example, to get autonomous examinations from proficient counselors preceding following up on the data we distribute. Because of the formative idea of blockchain innovation, we don’t warrant or assurance the accomplishment in your venture emerging out of your support in this Security Token Offering (“STO”). Any venture choices and results remain the obligation of the person.
  3. Forward-Looking Articulations. Past execution isn’t generally demonstrative of future outcomes. Specific explanations, procedures, gauges, and monetary data contained in this record constitute forward-looking proclamations or data. Such forward-looking explanations or data include known and obscure dangers and vulnerabilities which may make genuine occasions or results contrast physically from the evaluations or the outcomes suggested or communicated in such forward-looking proclamations.

Their Identity

EpigenCare gives customized skincare information through individual epigenetic investigation of buyers’ DNA tests. Through cutting edge sequencing strategies, we will have the capacity to really recognize a customer’s dynamic skin properties for apt skincare. Through blockchain innovation, we will have the capacity to keep up the namelessness of the customer while empowering straightforwardness of how their information is being utilized exclusively and specifically for their own advantage inside an organized biological system. In this way, this enables us to aggregate information to be commoditized (tokenized), utilized, and economically utilized by skincare-related organizations in an astute, customized, and dependable way.

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  1. To give buyers a frequently refreshed skincare profile and proposed customized skincare schedules as well as items.
  2. To build the income of healthy skin arrangement suppliers, retailers, and makers by conveying shrewd, versatile information of purchaser skincare profiles and prescient shopper buy expectations.
  3. To make an economy of always refreshed skincare profile information through cryptographic keen contract blockchain innovation
  4. To empower straightforwardness of utilization of shopper information without uncovering identifiable data through the blockchain keeping in mind the end goal to take out apparent nosiness of protection from personalization
  5. To wind up a state of expert for attractive market information relating to skincare and other epigenetically quantifiable components.

Foundation and Industry Issues

The skincare commercial center offers a substantial, regularly confounding, determination of items. In spite of a significant number of these items asserting to have logical substance to systems (e.g., hostile to maturing, skin lighting up, dampness maintenance, wrinkle firming, and so forth), buyer purchasing choices frequently rely upon non-logical factors, for example, garish promoting, mark dedication, referrals, online life influencers, and shopper surveys. In any case, there is dependably an inalienable uncertainty by the buyer about whether the chose item is filling in as asserted, energizing a steady scan for the perfect item that lines up with his or her skin highlights. Such hunt is made troublesome due to: (an) absence of straightforwardness in logical data and guidelines; (b) purchaser vulnerability on whether he or she falls inside the fragment the item is created for; and (c) the interesting and dynamic parts of one’s skin. An accidentally jumbled item chose by the customer may unfavorably harm one’s skin, and hence shoppers are progressively eager to pay a little premium for customized arrangements.


We intend to encourage a noteworthy move in the purchasing choice process – from a push strategy for the skincare item maker/retailer to a force technique by the customer. A two-section arrangement is proposed as needs be: In the first place, we will offer a customized skincare test to the purchaser that will test for the epigenetic profile of one’s skin, which enables us to prescribe perfect item alternatives to the buyer. This suggestion depends on the relationship between’s the epigenetic systems of the utilitarian elements of the item and the buyer’s epigenetic profile in charge of different skin highlights. Second, we will commoditize the amassed information from the tests and fabricate a free market activity demonstrated information stage (the “EpigenCare System”) for skincare item makers or potentially retailers to buy information focuses from. In this way, these organizations will be more disposed to create customized or specialty items and promote to focused fragments through feasible logical means. Besides, we will use blockchain innovation to secretly connect information with purchasers and execute a boost display for the repeating test.

The Skincare Market

The worldwide skincare advertise is comprehensively ordered under a few classifications including facial chemicals, facial lotions, hostile to maturing items, and hand/body creams. They help in enhancing the skin quality by forestalling wrinkles, restoring cells, battling maturing, lighting up the skin, and securing against sun presentation. The simple accessibility of such items through the web has realized huge development in the fragment.

Restrictive Skincare Test

EpigenCare built up the primary epigenetic-based skincare test on the planet, which empowers more exact knowledge into a client’s dynamic skin properties. Shoppers who buy the skincare test will be sent a DNA accumulation pack so they can assemble DNA from their skin non intrusively in the solace of their own homes. The gathered DNA source is sent back to EpigenCare’s offices, at which the DNA is detached and the skincare test is performed on Illumina cutting edge sequencing instruments. A straightforward report is consequently given to the client following half a month.

Venture Advertising

To raise capital, there will be an offering of a different security token to speculators, known as EPIC. It will incorporate (an) income sharing, which gets an incentive from ECARE-based exchanges of the skincare test and publicizing deals, and; (b) change rights to value. EPIC tokens will be acquired with ETH (Ethereum) and will be exchanged to the purchaser inside roughly a month and a half of the offering’s fulfillment. Our offering is recorded with the US Securities and Trade Commission as a Direction D 506(c) exclusion and simultaneously as a Control S exception. To guarantee administrative consistence under Directions D and S, token purchasers in the USA, Hong Kong, Canada, and certain worldwide nations are constrained to licensed financial specialists as it were. Support in this offering isn’t allowed for occupants of specific locales, for example, the General population’s Republic of China.


In spite of an expanding pattern towards personalization of items through DNA sourced testing, shoppers stay careful about the apparent “meddling” of such biomarker innovations because of the vulnerability of how the information might be abused without assent. Be that as it may, EpigenCare can address this through blockchain innovation, a permanent open record that tracks how their information is being utilized by organizations without uncovering identifiable data, along these lines giving purchasers a feeling of control. Shoppers are more disposed to allow sharing of their non-identifiable data if (a) they are completely mindful of how their information is being utilized; and (b) the utilization of such information specifically gives them noteworthy and adequate incentive consequently, for this situation being customized skincare item suggestions. Treatment of shopper information and profiles is critical. Non-identifiable profile information will be put away, oversaw, and anchored in a discontinuity way utilizing endeavor level safety efforts in appropriated databases. This information can be namelessly connected, united, and followed by the blockchain exchange hash affiliation, which enables us to encourage the EpigenCare System biological system without needing identifiable data.

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