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EpigenCare gives customized skincare insights through character epigenetic assessment of shoppers’ DNA tests. Through cutting edge sequencing systems, we will be skilled to truly see a purchaser’s dynamic skin homes for relevant skincare. Through blockchain innovation, we will have the capacity to protect namelessness of the supporter while empowering straightforwardness of how their records is being utilized completely and immediately for their own one of a kind increase inside an organized environment. In this way, this supports us to collect records to be commoditized (tokenized), utilized, and financially utilized by skincare-related organizations in a keen, customized, and responsible way.

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The skincare advertise offers a huge, consistently confounding, assurance of items. Regardless of a large number of these items guaranteeing to have logical substance to systems (e.g., hostile to maturing, pores and skin lighting up, dampness maintenance, wrinkle firming, and so forth), shopper looking for decisions frequently rely upon non-logical components, for example, garish publicizing, producer dedication, referrals, internet based life influencers, and client audits. Notwithstanding, there is typically an inalienable uncertainty with the guide of the client about whether the picked item is functioning as asserted, filling a steady scan for the perfect item that lines up with his or her skin highlights. Such hunt is made troublesome due to:

Absence of straightforwardness in logical data and guidelines.

Buyer vulnerability on whether he or she falls inside the section the item is produced for.

The unique and dynamic components of one’s skin. An inadvertently confused item picked by the buyer can likewise antagonistically hurt one’s skin, and thus purchasers are progressively eager to pay a little best class for customized arrangements.

We reason to encourage a critical move in the looking for decision method – from a push procedure of the skincare item producer/retailer to a force approach with the guide of the buyer. A two-section answer is proposed as needs be:

Initially, we will offer a customized skincare investigate the customer that will investigate the epigenetic profile of one’s skin, which grants us to advocate perfect item decisions to the shopper. This recommendation depends on the relationship between’s the epigenetic instruments of the useful parts of the item and the purchaser’s epigenetic profile in charge of an assortment of skin highlights.

Second, we will commoditize the gathered certainties from the exams and manufacture a free market activity demonstrated records stage (the “EpigenCare Network”) for skincare item makers and additionally retailers to buy insights focuses from. Therefore, these organizations will be more disposed to expand customized or specialty items and publicize to focused fragments through reasonable logical means. Moreover, we will make utilization of blockchain science to secretly friend data with buyers and actualize a boost mannequin for routine tests.

A pre-dispatch token deal, moreover perceived as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), is given in late Q1 2018 as an ability to diffuse get passage to tokens to the market on a wide-scale premise. Moreover it serves to produce continues as the most essential capacity to convey EpigenCare to showcase. EPIC tokens will be purchased with ETH (Ethereum) and will be exchanged to the customer inside around a month and a half of the ICO’s fruition.

Since EPIC tokens are of consistent outfit and fill in as value-based contraptions of access into the EpigenCare Network, the market estimation of every EPIC surely will increment as there is an extend sought after for information. The more prominent request, the more tokens will be spent in the EpigenCare Network, returning them again into EpigenCare’s running wallet. This drains tokens available and makes a shortage affect seeing that they ought to be roundaboutly repurchased through extra test or records deals.

More skincare investigate buys by methods for clients will prompt additional records profiles and hence more noteworthy objective sections for Requestors to buy. This expanding effect will furthermore always enhance the factual relationship and precision of epigenetic item suggestions, along these lines primary to the desire to buy extra repeating checks by shoppers. In this manner the stretch out of clients and Requestors make a system impact that serves to comparatively the request of information, lastly EPIC esteem.

An extend in EPIC value limit that there is a grow in its purchasing power towards (an) acquiring actualities focuses for Requestors; and (b) balancing costs of the skincare investigate buyers. Since every EPIC is distinct down to the eighteenth decimal point, we can hinder unfeasible purchasing volumes by method for the shopper or Requestor should a solitary EPIC generously increment in advertise esteem.

  • Token Sale Specifications
  • Screenshot_69.jpg
  • Ticker Symbol: EPIC
  • Sort: ERC20
  • Beginning Value: 1 EPIC = $0.40
  • Least Contribution: $500
  • Crowdsale Supply: 50,000,000
  • Add up to Supply: 100,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $20,000,000
  • Guide

We will work on the world market, with our starter target statistic as the high-spending stage in the United States. To outline conceivable income, we will utilize the United States showcase for instance. We are meaning to catch 5% of the 30 million high going through US portion with two skincare appraisals for every year, to accomplish $1 billion USD in yearly salary no later than the 10-year point. On a world scale, this wage reason can likewise be accomplished parcels as of not long ago as well as considerably higher.

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