Issue of Social Inequality: Gender Wage Gap

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Did you know that April 10th is National Equal Pay Day? But why do we even have an equal payday? Shouldn’t that be every day? Since the beginning of time, women have been mistreated because of their gender in so many ways. The pay gap is just one part of the big picture. I believe that women are hardworking employees and they deserve to get paid the same amount of money as men. Regardless of gender, women should be treated with fairness and equality. Imagine how much poverty in the world would decrease just by simply giving women equal pay. Or how women’s mental and physical health will experience a tremendous boost with this simple act! People think that we do have gender equality now. But we’re just at the beginning of the road, slowly working our way up. The previous president of the United States, Barack Obama, said, “Women deserve equal pay for equal work.”

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People deserve access to equal rights, regardless of their gender! It seems like a no-brainer. Don’t you think so? This is even proven in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was written all the way in 1948. It declared the equal rights of women and men without any discrimination of gender. Even the term all men were completely left out and replaced with the term all human beings, to show that it’s intended for everyone. NOT just men! Yet we still witness massive amounts of gender inequality. Women earn about eighty cents for each dollar a man earns. SOMETIMES EVEN LESS! This may seem like a small piece of the puzzle. But think about it. The average salary is about 75,000 dollars a year. If you take away twenty cents for each of those dollars; it adds up to 15,000 DOLLARS! This amount of money difference can change many people’s lives. April 10th aka Equal Pay Day is a day to raise awareness of inequality issues and bring us closer to solutions. The date of the day is an illustration of how much longer a woman would have to work into the next year to reach the same salary the man earned in the previous year.

Let’s face the truth. WORLD POVERTY won’t end if women get equal pay. But it will decrease immensely! We’ll just be one step closer to hitting the RED TARGET! Poverty is a nightmare we need to wake up from! It’s not only bad for people living through it. The government and taxpayers spend billions of dollars per year on poverty. So, if women get equal pay the government and taxpayers spend less money; thus benefiting everyone. According to Canada Without Poverty, about 4.8 million people in Canada live in poverty. And according to more than 1.9 million of those are women. A study in Angus Rein even showed that women have a higher chance of experiencing poverty than men. Usually, moms end up being single parents! This means they have to fit in with their work-life and their parental responsibilities. This puts them at a higher risk of poverty! Is it fair that a child has to go through poverty because of their parent’s gender? I don’t think it is! Eli Khamarov said, “Poverty is like a crime you didn’t commit.” So those children and their moms should not suffer for the “CRIMES” they didn’t commit.

The pay gap has a huge impact on women’s physical and mental health! A study in the U.S.A demonstrated that women have a 2.5 times higher chance of having depression and a 4 times higher chance of having anxiety than their male colleagues. Because of the pay gap, women have extremely high levels of stress and anxiety. This leads to poor physical health. Like LESS sleep!LESS exercise! And BAD diets! Sometimes women are even forced to stay in abusive relationships! Their fear of the wage gap and poverty leads them to think staying in an abusive relationship is for their own good. But is that really true? Are they really turning that abusive relationship to their advantage? Or are they just harming themselves? Women’s lack of money will result in them not being able to afford services, and having poorer health. Wealth is like a blanket that protects people from stress. Without your blanket, you’re being exposed to many physical and mental diseases.

If we take a look at the opposite side. You may not believe anything I said. You may think that women don’t need that money! Or they barely make up any of the workforces! They work part-time so they shouldn’t get paid equally! But women actually make up almost half the workforce in Canada! Most of them work full time too! Even if that wasn’t the case women should still get paid equally because they too are human beings. Don’t you agree?

Isn’t it time for women to receive equal pay for equal work? We deserve it in our modern world. You have to open your eyes to the world and see that we still have gender inequality. Because of that we still have so much poverty! The wage gap even affects women’s physical and mental health! We should all be treated equally no matter what gender we are! A person shouldn’t be disadvantaged just because they’re a woman! You must strive for a world with equality! You must strive for a world without poverty! You must strive for a world with healthy, peaceful, and jubilant people! We have to put our heads together and keep our eyes on the prize! One day we will live in the best version of our world. You might not hit that target at first. But over time you will make a difference and we’ll have a world where both women and men are paid equally. A world where all human beings are treated with equality regardless of gender.

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