Issue of Equality for Immigrants: Validation of Equal Protection Stated in Constitution

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Have you ever been scared to go to a public place and be torn from your family? Many of us can thankfully say no to this but for others they aren't so lucky. Deportation and unfairness to immigrants is happening all around but some of us fail to take action or know about it. As stated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights equal protection and due process applies to all regardless of citizenship. Without this being instituted anyone's rights are at risk, which is frightening.

Let's start with some basic facts there are more than 89.4 million immigrants in the United States which make up about 28% of the population. Immigrants also do the typical jobs that all American's hate to do for not even minimum wage, which then they make up 17.1% of the U.S workforce. With this being said 83% of all people deported don't even get a hearing before a judge, and while being detained encounter major brutality. Also, when detained they experience being put in inhame conditions, or locked up in cages. Which this goes against all Americas fundamentals values; In America liberty is stated that being locked up should be the last resort when in this case more than half of immigrants come in search of a better life.

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In pursuit to trying to stop all of this unfairness the Immigrants Rights Project has been dedicated to expanding and enforcing the civil rights/civil liberties for immigrants. They try to stop any discrimination and protect basic rights like freedom. The immigrants Rights Project challenges laws that deny immigrants the acces of courts and challenge constitutional abuses at federal,state, and local levels courts. They work on giving immigrants the right to live a fair life by allowing them the opportunity to attend public school and apply for a driver's license. However, there aren't enough of these people to stop abuses by many huge departments.

ICU and Border Patrol abuses have broken record numbers of detained in the past couple of years. With this being said 1 out of 3 people every every time experience abuse.ICU tactics take away the right to a fair hearing in the court. All they do is send everyone through a rubber-stamp process that ignores everyone's individual situations and conditions. Many of these tactics impose a threat to all of our civil rights including the Fourth Amendment, Due Process, constitutional guarantee and freedom. If they are taking away this just because you are not a U.S citizen, imagine what they can do to someone that is but just don't know their rights. Many of these programs tear families apart and make many lose trust in law enforcement.

Top lawyers all around the country say that all laws apply to everyone on U.S soil weather a citizen or not. The Fifth Amendment states that "no person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law." However usually it's up to the courts. White House secretary of state said, "just because you don't see a court it doesn't mean your not getting the due process deal". Recently the removal process now for some immigrants can be deported immediately and not allowed a court hearing if they are within 100 miles of the border and have been in the U.S for less than 2 years. Although the sixth amendment says "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall have the assistance of counsel for their defense. However, the government is only required to provide counsel if the person is accused of a felony. Crossing the border illegally is a misdemeanor.

Although people always see the bad in some cases immigrants do get some types of rights and help. There are many programs like medicare, food stamps, housing programs, and unemployment in some cases. If a woman is about to give birth the hospitals don't ask for papers they just help deliver the baby and don't turn her away. Immigrants have access to treatment in hospitals, emergency rooms, healthcare and various nutrition programs like (WIC) Womens,Unfants, and Childrens. Twenty- six of all fifty states make immigrants eligible for state funded programs. Also if your parents are not citizens but you are you can receive multiple federal benefits.

In conclusion, there are many pro's and con's on the topic of immigrants.

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