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Espionage by the National Security Agency

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The National Security Agency and their “spying” techniques is a problem that must be solved. Over the past decade, the NSA has collected information from thousands of American citizens without their knowledge. This program was set up to deter potential attacks upon America and even her allies by bringing attention to lurking threats. Although, they may be doing more than examining these probable causes by recording and copying personal information of many innocent people around the world. The public must ensure the NSA stops its criminal acts of espionage.

Firstly, the acts of the National Security Agency are a problem because they are stepping upon the boundaries of a capitalistic country. In America, one of the most capitalistic countries in the world, the government has promised not to interfere with private business. This is exactly what the NSA is doing. The NSA acquires phone records, like photos and recorded conversations, through phone companies. These acts may happen without proper need, and it all happens without repercussions. Phone companies tell customers they are required to keep this type of information secret, yet the government can acquire this easily. Some may say this country is not completely capitalistic, and corporate business must follow simple government issued rules, like equality in the workplace and minimum wage. Though, this is a different issue because those should be human and given rights, where privacy is also a born right every human being should have. So, people should be allowed privacy no matter who and where they are. Because privacy should be a given right, as stated in the Third Amendment, people around the world should not be subjugated to the NSA’s spying.

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Two hundred years ago, America felt their privacy being stripped away first-hand, and vowed to never let it happen again. They felt this was a universal right that should be fought for, and it should be received. People all around the world have been victims of the NSA, even without probable cause. People may think that others around the world are being surveyed because outside threats have originated from there. Despite this, the founding fathers did not say privacy was a right only of the Americans, but a human right, including people all around the world. This also includes every generation before and all generations that may come after. Americans pride themselves on being the land of the free, and if they would like the uphold this long thought tradition, the NSA must stop spying on those of other lands and its own.

Spying techniques of the National Security Agency should be considered illegal because it allows them to look through personal data without a warrant. If law enforcement needs to search the personal belongings of a someone, they must have a warrant stating specifically what they are looking for and where they are allowed to search. No person or group can inspect another’s private property without a warrant or the owner’s permission. The NSA is allowed to search throughout a person’s online identity without this warrant, which should technically be illegal. This is the equivalent of a person sending a letter in the mail, the post opening it, reading it, and copying it if they find anything interesting, and afterwards sending it on its way to its intended destination. In spite of this, there are laws allowing this to happen which are voted on by officials elected by the public for the public. Technically, people should not be allowed to complain or go against this. Although, yes, these acts allowing the NSA to continue their work are voted on by representatives, they are supposed to vote based on what the public wants and what is best for them.

In conclusion, the NSA should acquire a warrant before going anywhere near personal information. Personal information may be handled unwisely by the people within the NSA, creating insider abuse. While insider abuse is becoming more apparent over the last years, it does not have a place within the government. When there are no laws or restrictions to limit how and why an employee is allowed information on a person, there will be people who will exploit the system for their own personal gain. This is a problem because when a NSA employee makes the decision to invade the online identity of another, who probably has shown no signs of threat, the trust between the government and its people break and sometimes can never be mended. Otherwise, insider abuse will not happen because there are laws in place and they are supposed to be enforced.

Be that as it may, there has always been suspicion of insider abuse within the government or any other cooperation. Some people, if not fully investigated and hired properly, will try to take advantage of the resources not meant for their own personal good. Also, the public may not know the full extent of who is working there and controlling all the inflow of private information. Because insider abuse is becoming more frequent, and if something is not done about this, it will not stop at the NSA. Attorney-client agreement is also disregarded by the NSA, and there is almost nothing that can be done about it. When a person hires a lawyer, a contract between the two are enacted and others, including law enforcement. This contract signifies that whatever is spoken or revealed between a client and their legal representative stays private, between the two, and only the two. Meaning, in one specific case, if a client reveals they are in the wrong, their attorney cannot reveal this fact to anyone. The NSA can look into a person’s personal online identity and potentially study conversations between their defender. Regardless of this, the NSA still has special written permission to do this. Also, there is a possibility the people the NSA are investigating has hurt a large group of people, like a terrorist attack, or has planned one. Despite this, this may put people in jeopardy of having an unfair and unjust trial, which every person is granted when they are tried in the United States.

The National Security Agency continues to spy and investigate innocent people without their knowledge. These unlawful acts must be stopped and reported to the public for their knowledge. If they want to probe potential threats that is acceptable, but it must be reported fairly. Using their influence to conduct spying techniques on guiltless people around the world is simply wrong and should be stopped.


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