Essay on My Future: How My Career Goals Will Affect My Further Life

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In my future, I aspire to become a Registered Nurse. Considering the outlook of registered nurses is projected to have increased by 15% in 2026, it won’t be hard for me to find employment. I will earn a salary of around $67,490 and will work in a hospital. As an Rn, my basic responsibilities will include administering medication, monitoring patients, and consulting with healthcare providers. Having many individuals in my family looking to go into -or already in- the health care field will be very beneficial to me. I will have lots of support and help, which definitely gives me an advantage. I will start off with obtaining a four year bachelors of Science degree in nursing, and after that I plan to be working full time. Most nurses that work full time are given health insurance and many RN’s are given two weeks of paid time off and around forty hours of paid sick time.

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This is one of the many reasons I think becoming an RN is the best route for me. I will be working much more compared to the survey showing the time other Americans spend working. This also means that I will sleep less than them as well, since I will be working around thirty-five to forty hours a week. I don’t think that will affect me too much, especially since I don’t get as much sleep as the individuals in the survey even as an unemployed high school student!Moving on, one of the things that stuck out to me on the survey was the low amount of time people spent on organizational, civic, and religious activities. As an RN working full time, it will be challenging to try to balance work and being an active member in my community. In the present, I spend a large portion of my time helping my grandmother and the others in her assisted living facility. I also go with my mother, who works as a home health aide, to take care of elderly clients. In the future, I won’t have as much time to do the things I enjoy, but I will still make sure to squeeze in a least an hour or so a week for civic and religious activities. Finally, I noticed from the survey that the individuals spent a very small amount of time on telephone calls, mail, and email.

As of today, I use all there forms of communication to interact with my family. I talk on the phone with my great grandma for much over the average time recorded in the survey. I also email with my Grandad and his mother a lot. In my future, my work schedule will interfere with the amount of time I am able to spend conversing with people. I will still make sure to stay in contact with my family, but the time I spend talking to them now will definitely be cut back with such a busy schedule.

On the whole, my plans for the future will impact the many of the things I prioritize in the present. I can see a correlation between how my career choice will affect my time, and how other Americans spend their time. I realize how the occupation you choose can dictate how drastic your future will change. Your future all depends on the path you choose to take.

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