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How much of your life do you actually control and how much is destiny? There are many people in the world who can’t decide their destinies, such as people born into poverty, corruption and war. There are also people who have opportunities everyday to change their destiny for better or for worse through their daily choices. In your life you can’t control everything that happens but you can control your attitude and your actions; which can affect your ability to reach your destiny. So therefore it can be argued that life is a mixture of both one’s control and destiny.

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One might argue that we are in control of each of our destiny’s. This is shown in the poem Invictus. The author shows the struggle of life and the many struggles that a person faces and thinks about. At each pivotal point, a person who chooses the wrong action may affect their whole life and change the man he would be. In the poem Invictus the text states “It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” Here the author clearly points out that a person’s choices throughout life affect their fate or destiny. Life is not predetermined. People have free choices and this can alter one’s life.

Destiny is sometimes unclear or not what the person would have expected. In the article of The Sports Gene, it was Thomas’s destiny to find his high jump talent. He couldn’t control whether or not he was going to be challenged by a kid one day. You could say it was destiny that helped him discover his talent. However, it was his decision to build on and continue that talent. His choice affected his entire life and ultimately he found his destiny. One choice can alter your entire life and your destiny can be discovered through the simplitest decisions.

Destiny is not always a set outcome but can be changed anytime in your life. An example would be in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian. When Junior, a child with a disability, is born into poverty and alcoholism but through a series of choices and circumstances presented he is able to change his destiny. The choice to leave his tribe, attend a new school and deal with the emotional hardships that went with those choices ultimately lead him out of a life of poverty and alcoholism. His would be destiny was not fulfilled.

How much of your life do you actually control and how much is destiny? The answer to this question varies from person to person. There is no exact amount of control of our destiny. A minor decision or choice for one person can change their entire destiny, while a minor choice for another can have no impact. The only control a person has is over their actions and their reactions to circumstances presented in life. Whether or not this altars a person destiny is unknown. Therefore one can decide that perhaps there is no destiny only

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