My Personal Experience of "Behind Every Successful Man is a Great Mother"


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My Mother Mrs. Rani Joseph, which meant little princess in my native language, was named by my grandmother. My mom was the last of the nine children and that’s why she was known as the little princess in her family. My grandmother saw her and named her Rani as she had a glowing and a tiny face. Her father was a farmer and also worked as a carpenter. During those days such men were not paid much and for a man to run such a large family needed some assistance. And as a result, her brothers and sisters, after their high school years, were sent out to earn.

The Lucky Person

My Mom was lucky, and I am saying this because she was the first in her family to come out as a college graduate and eventually supported her family back then when they were FINANCIALLY STRUGGLING. Moving forward some years from then: It was the time when her parents had to decide their daughter’s future. I meant about her marriage with my dad. They had an arranged marriage. And later they had three children. I am the eldest brother to my two young sisters. My Mom’s responsibilities kept growing from daughter to a daughter in law, from a wife to a mother. Also, she started to work soon to balance our financial needs.

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So, adding to the list of responsibilities -from a mother to a teacher at a high school. Like in every other princess movies, my mom’s life also had few hard times-the TIME when she lost her dad i.e when my grandfather bid us good-bye while I was just 2 years old. Well, she was a strong woman and though she used to cry for weeks, used to make me sad. But she got out of that tragic situation in no time and was back on her feet and fulfilling her other responsibilities. Other qualities that made me ADMIRE AND RESPECT my mom was the way she managed our family.

A Busy Mother

The time when I used to be in an elementary school, my MOM would wake me and my siblings up, would get us ready in time for school, prepare breakfast and milk. And by the time we got to drink it, we all had that ugly face when we see that cold milk and tried to avoid drinking it. But she tricked us always to drink it either by creating fear or explaining the importance of drinking milk. But I used to only drink it because of the fear of beatings. I used to love those days when she used to hand me pocket money from her savings. I once fought with my young sisters for handing me their pocket money for buying myself a remote control car.

And I remember how I ended up crying that day as they snitched about it to my dad. The next day my mother after her work came home with an unusual looking box. And to my amazement, it was the remote-control car that I wanted for myself. I couldn’t hold my joys after she handed it to me and I gave a smirking look to my siblings. She is also a loving and caring mother. I remember when my youngest sister fell ill for a week, she used to stay awake nights with her until my sister fell asleep. I and my other sister used to watch my mom wrap her in a cozy white blanket and would tell stories and gently cuddle her back to sleep.

My Conclusion

My understanding about my mom quite changed a bit when I hit past my teenage years. Her value was uncovering with each year passed and I began to admire her more. She gives me advice and lessons when I go through any difficulties in my life. She always keeps the family FIRST and herself second in terms of priorities. When in trouble she would be also there to lend me the support and help me tackle it in a positive spirit. Someone truly said that “BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN IS A WOMAN” and in my case it’s my BELOVED MOTHER.

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