Respect is the Key Component to Build Relationship and Find Joy in Living Together

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To choose to live with two is to accept to discover, through the other, what we like and do not like in us. Thus, you have probably already heard that the other is our mirror, as we do for him or her. The emotional mirror works in the same way as a physical mirror. However, it reflects what we feel, what we are not aware of. The other simply activates our comfort or discomfort in any situation. Learning to build a relationship on the respect of each one amplifies the joy of living together.

Helpful Tips on Respect

I propose you to use the letters of the word RESPECT to discover tips that will help you to guarantee the joy of living together. Recognition reinforces the joy of living Indeed, learning to recognize each other over time, that is to say, choosing to emphasize what we love in the other, is a guarantee of success in a couple. You can offer each of you a book of recognition in which you choose to write what you like the most in the other. This exercise, performed as often as possible, will increase your joy of living together. Try to show this notebook once a week. This game will strengthen your relationship and boost your individual well-being and two. Encouragement builds the joy of living. We all do our best to make our life as a couple harmonious and rewarding. The second tip to guarantee the joy of living for two is to encourage each other. Each has its strengths and challenges at the relational level. That’s why taking the time to encourage the person who needs it, in a moment of ‘crossing the desert’, supports the joy of living together. The beneficiary of these incentives will feel supported and motivated to invest even more in the couple.Simplicity brings lightness. The joy of living for two also feeds on simplicity. Nowadays, we are overwhelmed with information to help us succeed in our life as a couple.

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However, this often seems complicated and boring for the majority of people. Look where you would better infuse more simplicity into your married life. What seems complicated and heavy now? How to lighten it by connecting to laughter, fun and play? Put together, be creative and you will plunge the whole body in the joy of living together! Patience supports the joy of living. We are all embarked on a crazy race everyday. Speed ​​takes first place when it comes to our achievements, our tasks, our achievements. We also have this same performance attitude in the quest for a fulfilling and mutually nourishing two-person life. However, being patient with each other gives time to time and helps us focus on the here and now: the real fuel of the joy of living! Take the time to welcome and receive each other with open arms and you will fully enjoy the joy!

Emotional Autonomy is Important

Empathy gives a hand to compassion. Here’s the fifth tip to guarantee the joy of living for two! When you accept that the other, you, you realize how much you are demanding towards yourself. If you tend to ask a lot of them, you will have more trouble experiencing compassion and gentleness towards the other person. Being able to feel what the other lives by opening our heart, our arms and a space of expression greatly supports the joy of living together.The complicity consolidates the joy of living. Become the best accomplices in a couple: the dream of all those who embark on this wonderful adventure of life together! To be accomplices in the relationship is to dance the pas de deux in joy. It is also to be ready to receive when the other feels the need to give, without being premeditated. Complicity reinforces the joy of living together. It becomes a real opportunity to celebrate the person we choose to be. Everything confirms the purpose of living together!. It is true that the ALL is greater than the sum of the parts. Can the goal of the life of two also be to learn to discover each other to feel complete … without the other? It is on this condition that we can receive it in its completeness. At this point, we do not need each other anymore to be happy. This emotional autonomy makes us able to feel truly free in the relationship, which helps to ensure the joy of living together.

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