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  • Types of Art
  • More Art Types
  • My Example of Art the Monalisa and the David
  • My Second Example
  • A Little Bit of Backstory

Art, well what is art? Art is a form of expression and things that wouldn't normally be considered art or expression are. From the close we were on our backs to how we style our hair and the houses we live in all in some shape way or form have some type of expression in them. Now as I dive into the book further and further all the chapters tie into art. also some parts of art can be unconventional. Types of art are described in the book. If there was no art well, without art there would be no diversity in the way we dress the way we talk or even the way we perceive things.

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So the major question I have been asking myself is. Art, well what is art? Like stated in the first paragraph and I'm going to list a few things that are commonly considered art and provide some background information. Sculpture is the visual arts branch operating in three dimensions its purpose is to honor the gods and goddesses was the important function of Greek sculpture. Four sculpture types, Molded, cast, carved or assembled, Media for molded sculptures clay, wax, papier-mache and plaster Other materials for sculpting a block of wood, stone, and other hard materials.

Types of Art

Dance is also a form of expression. Dances you do can tell a story Storytelling is a huge part of dance. When you are dancing you can EXPRESS thing quite thoroughly. Prehistoric art is art that was made before written records. And that can incorporate a lot of things as we said in an earlier slide Art is very broad of a subject. But when people think prehistoric art they think art in cave walls like the one behind me. cave art was usually very graphic and had low detail but told a story well enough for people later to decipher it and basically be told how some events may of unfolded. Modern art when you think modern what do you think not a throwback from 1984 you think something that is trendy and new like vape ing but anyway modern art had its so called come up in the early 2000’s when modern art hit its high point with paintings and art pieces. When you hear printmaking what do you think of? You should think of transforming picture into a painting.

More Art Types

Printmaking has three groups the first is relife this is when artist engrave wood. The second is intaglio this is when the artist transfers ink to the paper by groves of cut metal. The last grouping is planogram graphic , this is stenciling and monoprinting. And one of the most important - theater. Imagine you’re in prehistoric times. Where a man just learned how to communicate. You enter a cave and you see crudely drawn figures on the wall and what seems like interpretations of unrealistic creatures. This could be described as some of humanity's first art, Theater. Now I know what you’re thinking? How are cave paintings considered Theater? Well the Technical definition of theater is a play or other activity or presentation considered in terms of its dramatic quality shown in front of an audience. Art surrounds us all from the floor we walk on to the way we style our hair. Art is diversity. Art is usually considered the process or product of deliberately arranging things in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions. Sketch art One of the most stereotypical types of art there is out there. Most commonly done in an art class room or at home sketching is one of the most Rudimentary practices done by novence artists. When you think art what do you think detailed sketching or a painting of some kind. Some of the origins of sketching are unknown and some of the earliest ketches found go back to the Romans for building plans.

My Example of Art the Monalisa and the David

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” also known as La Gioconda, has more than just her smile and eyes shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories. Most notable is the world-famous theft from the Louvre in 1911 and vandalisms in the 1950’s. The Mona Lisa, a 20.87 inch x 30.31 inch painting, became the most talked about, viewed, written about, sung about, drawn, and parodied piece of art. That is where I found one of the best descriptions of the mona lisa I have theryos about the monalisa but they can't really be expressed here due to the long and confusing nature of them

My Second Example

The statue I also picked picked for my art example was the statue of David. Despite the same statue being used for the critical analysis example i chose this again because its not only my favorite but extremely iconic. I picked the David not only because it’s my favorite but it’s the story behind the magnificent creation. The David was made by Michael Angelo a great artist who was believed to live during the period of art and enlightenment, Michale Angelo was born March 6, 1475 to a poor family in Italy.

A Little Bit of Backstory

The Statue David was inspired by the Bible challenging almost everyone’s preconceived notions about how people were supposed to look back then in 1 Samuel 17 the story of David and Goliath is what inspired the statue of David. David one of Michelangelo's best pieces the method of execution as subtraction of marble with the use of tools. Considered one of the most magnificent pieces of art took almost 5 years to create.  

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