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Composition II

The transition from high school to college is hard enough with all the coursework. But now, students have to worry about constantly rising prices in their schools. A main obstacle student face while in college is being able to pay for their classes, health insurance and books. Over recent years, Nebraska state universities, whether public or private, have been raising their tuition rates and fees. Because of this increase, fewer and fewer students are enrolling in universities to further their education, and the number of students dropping out of college is rising as well. No one disputes the importance of a college education in today’s job market. Society has taken on a much higher demand for the well-educated. With this being a growing trend, why does it seem colleges are trying to make getting an affordable education out of the question? Truth is, there is not an answer for this, at least not an easy one. As more and more high school students realize this, the increased demand and need for college is going to go up. According to the Lumina Foundation for Education, colleges are realizing students and families are willing to go into debt as to increase

their post-secondary education income. What about the others who cannot afford to go this route? Nebraska University System should treat students better financially in terms of tuition and health care. I will discuss the problems, effects and provide solutions to overcome these problems in this paper. Tuition and health insurance in University of Nebraska System keeps increasing every year. College tuition should be affordable to everyone regardless of his or her family status and position. Students should be able to attend a college without being in a debt consisting of thousands of dollars. The university of Nebraska System keep increasing the tuition which is almost triple for out of state and international students.NU President Hank Bounds told the Nebraska Legislature Appropriations Committee that to counterbalance proposed cuts in the 2017-19 state funding budget, the university would have to increase tuition significantly over the next few years.

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Some of the Reasons That’s Causing the Raise in Tuition and Health Insurance in Nebraska University System are Listed Below:

The college system has too many administrations. According to the department of college data, administrative positions at college and universities increased by 60% between 1993 and 2009, which Bloomberg reported was the 10 times the rate of tenured faculty positions. Too many departments and administrations means more administrators and jobs which will have to payed by student’s tuitions and loans. And there’s no valid arguments on the trending seven figures salaries for high ranking university administrators which everyone seems to copy.

Too many extracurricular activities and benefits that students don’t even use. Most of the students do not use the facilities and luxury that are provided by university and which they are paying. For example: swimming pool and gym in colleges, not everyone uses them yet have to pay for it.

With all the areas of cost pressures to deal with on a college campus, student health insurance is not one that has received much attention historically.

Student healthinsurance experiences the same inflationary trends as employee benefits, but it is rarely viewed as a significant direct cost to an institution, nor is the bill even close tothe scale of costs associated with employee health plans. Yet the costs are rising, and many administrators are worried. Campus health centers, often primary-care units open at low or no cost to all students, are also facing increasing pressures related to uninsured and underinsured students.d)Education financing system is broken.The simple fact is that there is no incentive for students to pay attention to the cost of college because they can always get a loan. Our student loan debt system makes it nearly impossible toget denied for a loan. Federal loans are freely available, and private loans are relatively easy to get as well. Universities know this – their financial aid offices allow students to borrow thousands of dollars with several mouse clicks on online portals. The followings are some of the solutions to this problem: a)Do not provide loans easily without checking the whole situation of the students. b)The college should not charge student if that student is not using benefits like gym and other extracurricular activities. c) The only ‘painless’ way to reduce premium costs is bounded by the size of a college’s total enrollment. To maximize the size of an institution’s pool of insured students, several colleges and universities have a mandatory enrollment policy, or a ‘hard waiver’ policy. By requiring enrollment in the student health plan, a college both maximizes the percentage of students enrolled in the plan and removes adverse selection from the pool of insured students. The latter point is not insignificant, as optional plans attract in larger numbers the students with existing health needs and thus have a lower percentage of healthy students in the pool. “Student health Insurance: problems and solutions”) d) More than $6.6 billion dollars in scholarship aid went unclaimed last year. So, Providing Scholarships, even a little amount helps. Find a way to distribute those unclaimed money and use it to pay the tuitions of students who need it. Include that money into financial aid so student get more help. Lowering the tuition will means more tax for the people living in the state. It goes a long way politically; the main reason is the higher authorities are not sure if the right people will benefit with this and also the tax payers.

Refutation or Accommodation

Free education is not the answer, lowering the tuition by some extent does not hurt anyone.University may represent a high-risk time for students: as Reavley et al.6 point out, students start university at a high-risk age for the onset of mental disorders. Exam pressure and not adjusting to the university environment have been shown to correlate with psychological stress and distress.7,8 Mental health while at university is worse than pre-university levels, and worsens over time. Andrews and Wilding12 found that 9% of students with no symptoms of depression prior to university had become clinically depressed halfway through their degree. In between all these they have the worries about their debt which is causing the students to drop out and changing their direction towards other useless activities.


“Nebraska and Iowa stood out as expensive states” compared with other farm states, said Katherine Hempstead, director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s health insurance research office. “They’re really more expensive than they need to be, surprisingly expensive.”


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