Ethical Challenges for Uganda Christian University Students

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Ethical Challenges faced by University Students

Ethical challenges are the inconsistencies that are not morally up right and are not suitable in public where by these have got to do with personal characters being vises and are not accord.

Coming back to the question, the students of Uganda Christian University have got a number ethical challenges affecting sexually. Below are number of them as follows.

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Students intervene in co-habiting whereby they tend to act as if they are married and abandon their academic careers. This so happens that they abuse the preparations of their parents who aim to educate them so as to become greater citizens of the future. This has destabilized the academic status being that they handle a number of issues to do with academics at the same time relationship wise hence having divided concentration.

Students are fond of watching and listening to pornographic material. This mentally tunes them to the sexual calling side which demands for the satisfaction of their sexual desires. This in the long run affects them in a way that some of them get unwanted pregnancies, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections. This reduces there functionality towards the academics careers. Furthermore this has brought in misbehaviors as such as group sex, shooting pornographic materials, abortions and others.

Fornication has become the order of the day where by this has become a aid towards the easy spread of diseases such as HIV/AIDs which has turned down most of their lives to an end because most of them have had numerous partners creating a sexual network which has turned out to be an ethical issue that is hard to address amongst a few and not all. This has also acted a foundation for un wanted pregnancies where expectant mothers are set away from the University because they are not officially married. This has carried along their careers to an exhaustive end.

Lecturer- student relationships have abused the academic institution of Uganda Christian University. Here lecturers consider their own students to be their own sexual partners where by this in the long run affects academia that cases of cheating and not able to concentrate on the academics and what they call for but instead abuse it by granting marks not worth being worked for. This happens with both female and male members of staff and students.

Street pornography which calls in for unrequired for attention from the public. In most cases students are indecently dressed which insights thoughts and vivid imagery in the brains of the people around. Misbehaving comes along as an achievement where by the opposite sex gets interested to know more about what is in the short, tight, and transparent or sees through to satisfy the aroused desires.

Above are the most renowned ethical challenges affecting the sexuality of students in Uganda Christian University.

Generate possible solutions to the above challenges using deontological ethical theory and how its applied in Uganda Christian University.

Facing the above challenges in Uganda Christian University, a number of solutions have come in to address the above cause; this is raised in the deontological ethical theory below.

The Deontological theory is addressed by Emmanuel Kant who is a remarkable philosopher towards the issues of ethics in society. It’s a reflection from the bible that he draws his conclusions of retaining moral commands. He believed that man is good and perfectible. Man is born well and he can keep being good or has to ensure being good.

A number of reforms have been put in place where by to address the dress conduct where those who are poorly dressed are not allowed to enter the University premises. For example damaged pants, see troughs, tight, and skimpy clothes are not allowed to enter the gates and also getting out of the halls of residence to access the University compound by the security guards at the gate. This has reduced the rate of indecent and pornographic street dressing in the University because they are sent back.

The weekly services that are presided over by the chaplaincy commonly called community worship which have become a base of counseling, prayer, advise, and reminding of students of what they should be like and act like that has also fought the challenges affecting the students sexuality. This has been done through relating the bible verses and scripts and hymn and praise. This is done twice a week that’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays at mid-day. During at this time these immoral acts are criticized in relation with the Bible such as pornographic materials, fornication and others.

Worship groups have been established in Uganda Christian University which does not give students gap or chance to be grabbed and taken away with earthly pleasures and desires. Normally these are led by the fellowship groups that were certified by the Chaplaincy according to their efficiency. Through these they have missions as Door to Door spreading the gospel of God. This has been able to curb the challenge of watching pornography, and fornication.

The rules and regulations that are laid and reechoed in the orientation of new University students who in turn take oaths amidst the other University community and the Vice Chancellor. Habits of that’s bring about unwanted pregnancy have been laid off by the University students in fear of losing their academic careers with the University. For example fornication, co-habiting and shooting of pornographic videos.

The University also put in place a provision of counseling services towards the students community who have gained certificates and comprehensive knowledge about life skills and how it should be handled. This has sensitized the students who confront these services for the better and have turned out to be great personnel’s of change amongst fellow students who in turn join the Para counseling services at the University which has reduced rates of Cohabiting and fornication amongst students who have turned to having healthy relationships.

Having come along a number of ethical challenges affecting the sexuality of students in Uganda Christian University, above are number of solutions raised to address them to put them to an end.

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