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Ethical Implications of Trump’s Presidency Being Combined with Business

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This article embodies how Trump combines presidency with business and the ethical implications which it follows. People have always tried to gain access to the president to get influence, for example by supporting the electoral campaign. But now it’s different, because the president himself is the one who benefits from the money.

Lobbyists, businesses, foreign investors can easily buy into Trump’s business, at its golf club, or international hotel, which for example the Malaysian Prime Minister did so at one of Trump’s hotels. Trump wants to decide on his own assets and profit from the money, so it remains in the hands of the family. Instead of focusing fully on the presidency, his company passes on to his sons, which is a trust from which he still benefits.

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But he is not the only one who benefits from his business, because his customers also benefit greatly. Through his business, Trump has contact with CEO’s, lobbyists and foreign government. On one hand, of course they pay money for it, on the other hand, they benefit to be in Trumps favor. Since the presidential GOP nomination, secret buyers’ purchases have risen 17 times, the sales open the way for those who want something from government. It is not illegal to make payments to his golf club or to buy themselves into his LLC (limited liability company), however the moral aspect behind it is questionable if they contribute to the president’s own substantial wealth. It’s almost impossible to figure out who’s behind the secret LLCs, so the public would never know who might try to influence the president by making purchases.

Who is really paying for the president’s ethical standards are the taxpayers: “Americans are paying the salaries of ten Justice Department lawyers and paralegals to Trump’s private businesses, ” according to USA TODAY. Trump even said that he is able to run his business and run the government at the same time. Legally he could do that but failing to follow common sense rules does nothing less than make it look like the White House is for sale. Trump is controlled by his egoism, as we defined it, only his values and standards are the basis for action. He acts in selfish ways and doesn’t take into consideration the principles of CSR.

His business and profit maximization are all that matters. The question that arises then is whether Trump’s actions have anything to do with integrity. It has to be questioned whether Trump supports values such as justice, trust and honesty or whether integrity is replaced by corruption. Because in the end, getting more money has driven his entire life.


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