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Ethical Issues Relating to ICT

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Ethical issues relating to ICT. The four main parameters of ethics frameworks

Ethics is a one type of rules or regulations which guide individuals to make decisions of moral question of whether an action is right or wrong. It is defined bad or wrong thing of life. Ethical in ICT is about rights and duties (Kallman and Grillo 1996, p. 2). The relation of humans and human values describes the elements of ICT systems. It is a development from the computer ethics.

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The four main parameters of ethics frameworks are privacy, property, accuracy and accessibility. The term privacy contains safeguard, or it is one type of secret information. A property is depending on resource allocation and requirement. The main parameter is accuracy which is contains information of authenticity, fidelity and many more. An accessibility is a condition or requirement of information to use or maintain for any purpose.The ethical issues are plagiarism, pertaining to ICT, Libel, Software piracy and many more.

The plagiarism means use of another person’s work or intellectual property. When any person uses another person’s idea and written works and use as own work it called plagiarism. It is a one type of misbehaving activity in present time. Moreover, University of Tasmania is also maintaining the plagiarism report of each student to stop the issue. The pertaining to ICT means exploitation E-learning to obtain marks. There are many websites in world which helps student to get grades to qualify their study.

A libel is false statement or publication that destroys someone’s business or personal reputation. The blog is a one type of platform which have two sides of coins. It makes a future of anybody or destroy it. For example, if a person comment on blog and it’s destroy the reputation of another people then they take an action on blogger in which form the legislation gives permission.

The software piracy is a big issue in this present era. The increasing growth of ICT results into many issues. The software piracy is an act that install a copy software in computer without taking copyright of manufacturer. For use softwares, users must purchase license of software.

There are several steps to avoid ethical issues.

Do not use computer to harm another people.

Do not use unauthorized computer or ideas.

Do not use pirated things.

Do not use crack versions of software.

Use a copyright to maintain security of data and documents.


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