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When we born we all are like brand new computer with no data or apps and everyone fill with knowledge and experience how to act properly to a situation time after time. Many factors influence us forming our character just like our parents, elder people, teachers and society one way or in another way. When we are babies we don’t have knowledge to understand which one is right and which one is wrong so in this stage our parents and elder people have the responsibility to guide us through the right path. After getting age, it’s our duty to filter the good and bad things and absorb the good ones. In my point of view there are different behavioural components for one individual such as positive attitude, control of anger, mature decision making skills, politeness and more. This is a complicated world, and everyone should have their own positive mentality towards the life. Moreover it’s a necessary quality everyone should have in their behaviour to survive in this super complicated life. Next one is control over anger because uncontrolled anger creates most of the problems in our life and spoils personal relations. If we can control our anger and act appropriately analysing the situations then it can make our life easier and comfortable. After 22 or 23 years of age we have to mature in our life. In some situations we have to act maturely rather than childish behaviour. Politeness is the secret key to enter into others heart and polite behaviour always appreciated.

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When look deep into our self, we can see some building blocks in which our character is formed. The no one is honesty. I believe that, it’s our parents or other elder people in the society have the responsibility to seed this kind of good behaviours in our life. For example, until the age of 9 I used to steel things that may be pen, food items and more from my classmates but one time my father caught me with proof which was 10 rupees that I took from my friend. On that day my father understand me that it is not good behaviour to steal anything especially money. He was very calm and told me never try to take money that we don’t deserve. I can guarantee till this second of my life followed this rule and it gives me better feeling ever. The other point is responsibility; we have to responsible in our life. The other one of the main building block in my behaviour is that respect. We should respect other human beings no matter the colour of the skin, their appearance, money they have and more. Furthermore fairness is the quality that I think one of the best personality traits everyone should have in their mind. When we act unfair in a situation then what happening in the end is that an eligible guy will lose his opportunity . Other character building quality is that Trustworthiness. Every young people have self into their mind whether they have this quality or not, if not we have to improve on that. Today after studied we are look forward for a job and the main thing is that every employer expecting trustworthiness for our self since it is the one of the basic quality every employee should have in order to provide great performance.

As a mature human being we should know our self or try to know. We should know what kind of personality traits I have and is there anything to improve our behaviour to become a better human being in any aspects. We should know what the weaknesses we have are and we have to work hard to change our negative points. Moreover we have to what are our strengths and we can use these qualities to get a job or work for our dream. Till my age of 24 I was careless about my life and I never had a goal in my life but at my age 25 I stared to chaise a dream so that now checked what is my strength and weakness and I trying very hard to overcome my weaknesses. I found out I have the poor communication skills and I understood that I have to improve my communication skills and the stage. Now when I go for hangout I take initiative to speak to others and try to interact with many people I can which will help me to improve my language skills. Moreover I find time to speak to myself looking into mirror and that giving me better confidence and courage to communicate to others. When come to Canada the life was tough ever before. I worked hard, go to college, and try to learn skill I might need to get a job in my field of study. After that think for several day that how can I make my life little more comfortable for several days and I found that I have some strength like I am responsible, honest, anyone can trust me in money related thinks, polite and more. After that moment I try to find jobs where I can use my strengths and take the advantage of the position and after some days I found a easy better job in Cafeteria where I take care of the money and taking care of everything by which I made lots lot of networks and I am very happy never before. Now I keep on looking how I can improve more on my strengths and weakness to attain my life goal.

As I said earlier, Society, parents and other factors around us like culture, environment and more have effect on everyone’s character and behaviour. In this technological world internet and its associated products such as social networking sites and apps have great impact on everyone’s life especially in young mind. In our each stages of life we inspire and taught with different things to live a successful life and good qualities to become a good human being. In my opinion, our parents have the main responsibility to teach with good personality building factors which will be help everyone to follow some kind of good ethics in their life. Parents or teachers should help the kids to view life from different angles so that will help them to find the best things in them and not to give up in their life. Parents should encourage good friendships that will influence us in a positive way because friends can influence us in positive or negative way. If the friend ship circle is good that will help us to adopt good qualities and chatting with them can influence with different angle of life because everyone in that friendship circle thinks different. My parents motivate me to iterate with society and work in different clubs in my place and that really have effect on my behaviours and character.

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