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Ethichal Policy And Procedures

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In this handbook the ethical policies and procedures of Ellis Services are outlined. The handbook will cover the following issues: whistleblowing, privacy and technology, sexual harassment, discrimination, and valuing diversity. The policies will outline what will be expected from employees and the impending consequences if the policy and procedures are violated. Ellis Services expects that the ethical policy and procedures are obeyed so that the workplace environment is safe and operates efficiently. Here at Ellis Services we value our employees and with the policy and procedures based on ethical values outlined in this handbook, we hope to achieve complete satisfaction from each of our employees. As with any policy and procedure, we will hold our employees accountable for abiding by them.

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Welcome to Ellis Services we value you as an employee and look forward to providing a safe and professional work environment. This handbook will help inform you with the policies here at Ellis Services that will pertain to each employee. These policies and procedures that were put in place have helped Ellis Services become one of the top places to work for. We take pride in having an atmosphere that is both safe and welcoming to every employee. While going through the handbook employees will notice the impending actions that will take place if any of these policy and procedures are violated. We are glad to have you on the team.

Law and Ethics:

Ellis Services is in full cooperation and abides by all federal laws and regulation. There are policies and procedures in place to ensure that all the laws and regulations are followed. We have strong beliefs here at Ellis Services that all laws and regulations are properly followed. Following these policy and procedures has set Ellis Services apart from the competition and it is something that is taken very serious and held in high regard.


While Ellis Services is in full compliance of laws regarding the workplace, there are extra ethical policy and procedures put in place to ensure each and every employee feels safe and well respected at Ellis Services. To fully ensure that the policies and procedures comply with the law and are ethically sound, Ellis services did some investigative research. Ellis Services wants to be ethically responsible when it comes towards the policies and the disclosure of the policies. There will not be any undisclosed policies that infringe on employee rights.

Privacy and Technology

In this section of the handbook we will outline and overview the policy’s put in place pertaining to privacy and technology. The section will help each employee know what their rights are regarding privacy and technology. When using any technology at Ellis Services employees will be expected to follow the policies or face imminent consequences.

Privacy and Technology:

Ellis Services respects each employee and will choose ethically sound procedures and disclosure regarding these aspects of the the workplace. As technology evolves and is much more accessible the following policies will be binding towards each employee.Full disclosure of these policies are made in this handbook to ensure that each employee fully understands what rights the company reserves. The following policies and procedures are to inform employees while helping to protect a safe and professional work environment.

Ellis Services can intercept emails that are sent inside the workplace on company technologies. This is in order to make sure that there is no harassment or wrongdoing taking place.

Ellis Services reserves the right to track internet usage on each employee’s computer. In order to be highly efficient and maintain a energetic atmosphere this policy is put in place to make sure that no frivolous or inappropriate usage is taking place. Inappropriate usage includes the following, personal web usage, social media, or personal online shopping.

To ensure each employee feels safe inside the workplace, there will be monitoring surveillance for employee well being. This is to ensure booth the safety of our employees and to have protect company assets.

Proper training will be used to make sure that employees are well trained in their roles and responsibilities.

Ellis Services has the right to enforce any punishment seemed reasonable for any improper use of technology inside the workplace. There is a zero tolerance policy towards any type of behavior or action with the use of technology that can be construed as the following, sexual harassment, discrimination, unlawful behavior, or disregard towards company policy.

Depending upon the severity of the infraction on the privacy and technology policies, Ellis Services has the right to conclude ethically what disciplinary action is deemed necessary. These policies and procedures put in place will in no way infringe on employees rights and are there for employee protection and safety. The policy and procedures help Ellis Services to ensure that there is not any confidential information compromised. It is in our best interest to make sure there are steps in place to stop that from happening and these policies and procedures are not intended to infringe on employees rights.


There will be whistleblowing policies implemented that will encourage rather than deter internal whistleblowing. Ellis Services wants each employee to feel safe and comfortable reporting any perceived unethical or illegal organization practices. There will be no retaliation against any employee who bring to light any such wrongdoings. We feel here at Ellis Services that each employee should feel the right to disclose any information that regarding unethical or unlawful activity. The following are policies that will pertain to whistleblowing.(Tsahuridu & Vandekerckhove, 2007)

Each department will have either appointed divisions or employees to report any whistleblowing activity.

There will be assurance that any whistleblowing reported in good faith will not cause employees any negative employment repercussions. Each employee will be protected when coming in good faith to report any such thing.

There will be steps taken to allow for a just and unbiased investigation into any reported matters. (Barnett , 1992 )

The policies put in place are to create an environment that encourages employees and makes them feel protected when bringing up any organizational wrong-doings. Employees will not face any repercussions and there will be no cause of concern for the security of their employment. Ellis Services encourages ethical organizational practices and the policies above

allow for employees to help Ellis Services achieve that goal. As an organization, we are here to conduct business in an ethical manner and want to known for conducting business in the right ways. Loyalty to the company will not be questioned if any employee were to bring up any potential issues. Instead we would appreciate the employees honesty are integrity in bringing to light any possible organizational wrong-doings.


Ellis services is dedicated in cultivating an atmosphere that discourages discrimination of any kind. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated. Ellis services values each employee and embraces a diverse workforce. Each employee is expected to treat their colleagues with the utmost respect. Any workplace discrimination that is reported will be dealt with swiftly to ensure that

employees feel welcomed here at Ellis services. We as a company do are best due diligence to ensure that each employee is treated fairly and want to make work feel like a safe environment that is welcoming to everyone. Inclusion is highly promoted within our workplace and it is felt that diversity allows for Ellis Services to better achieve our goals. The following are policies and procedures pertaining to diversity.

We will do our best to accommodate every employee’s needs through any means necessary.

Communication between employees should maintain a respectful and collective manner.

Any group project will allow collaboration for every employee and from each employees perspective.

As a company, Ellis Services values each employee and wants to ensure that the policies put in place make each employee feel welcomed here. Any behavior that does not fall in line with company policy may be met with the appropriate disciplinary action needed. These policies are for

all employees to feel welcomed and safe at Ellis Services. It is necessary as a company to embrace diversity and work towards having a atmosphere that is welcoming to every employee on staff.

Our goal as a company is to help lead the way in facilitating a greater appreciation and regard towards diversity. Employees should feel welcomed at their workplace and Ellis services will work hard to ensure that is possible.

Sexual Misconduct:

Sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Ellis Services will work in a preventive manner to ensure that each employee feels safe at work. The workplace should and will be a place where employees feel safe. As a company we feel like it is our duty to strictly enforce the following ethical policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct.

Each employee upon hire will complete a sexual harassment course.

Employees will have a handout to inform what type of behavior is strictly prohibited.

Any complaints can be made confidently and without any fear of repercussion.

Zero tolerance to any language that can be construed as sexual harassment. This includes joking, insults, or inappropriate language thru any channel of communication inside the workplace.

Zero tolerance to inappropriate behavior or touch.

Proper investigation into any complaints made.

Corrective measures will be taken if any violation to these policies are made. Ellis services takes sexual harassment violations very serious and there will be no warnings made. We feel like it is our ethical duty to ensure that offending parties are properly dealt with. Depending on the severity of the violation Ellis Services reserves the right to choose what is the proper course of action to take. Lesser offenses will require sexual harassment training and an personal assessment after the training is over. Those employees will be monitored to ensure that no other offenses happen. If any employee who goes through that process is a repeat offender, the employee will face termination. Employee termination or suspension without pay will be the result of any more severe first time offenders. Ellis Service will work hard to ensure that each and every employee and come to work everyday without having to worry about any of these offenses.


Ellis Services strive to separate ourselves for the competition. We think that an integral part in accomplishing that goal is to have the policies and procedures outlined in this handbook. Full disclosure of the policy and procedures have been made with each employee receiving the handbooks. Employees can refer to this handbook whenever there is any question regarding these topics. Also if employees have any other questions about our policy and procedures, they can ask the appropriate supervisor. With the help of the handbook, Ellis Services hopes to achieve a safe and welcoming environment to every employee. Any suggestions that employees might have for

Ethical Policy and Procedure Handbook 10

changes to the policy and procedures can and will be taken into consideration. We appreciate every employee’s perspective and want to make sure Ellis Services is an inviting space with all employees working together to achieve greatness. We respect employees rights and will do our best prioritize what matters most within the company. This handbook is part of the employment contract and all employees will be expected to follow all the policy and procedures in the handbook without exception. Welcome to Ellis Service, we are honored to be working with you.

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