Ethics, Ethical Behavior and Moral Philosophy


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Ethics are moral principles or values that regulate the conduct of an individual or a group. The importance of ethics is crucial not only in business but in academics and society as well because it is an essential part in which a civilized society is built.

Ethical behavior is what all people should wish to have. In order to build a career, there shouldn’t just the decent characteristic but should also have exceptional behavior with this regard and one must be overseen by the rules of ethics to protect our self and others. In every society, ethics play a significant role in decision making. Personal integrity and ethical choices can influence a successful life and profession. A person’s fundamental values reflect decency and reality and focuses on the ability to make the right decision on which many societal views compare ethics with integrity meaning there is still some importance a person can achieve in his life.

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Moral philosophy looks at moral and it classifies them, defends them, and then it recommends. No part of this process is true black/white and absolutely no part is an easy job. There are universal ethics, cultural ethics, personal ethics, and family ethics. Each of these rules must form and fit to universal moral philosophy or there become problems. For instance, of not forming might be the actions of a serial killer. He or he may feel they have to kill and eliminate these people, but society considers murder to be wrong. The study of moral philosophy can be quite challenging and complicated.

Morality could be different from each other, depending on the foundations of the society that claim their morality. Their morality could be based on concentration and honesty when others concerned with practices. Morality is being supported by lot of philosophers, because generally it prevents and avoids harm to any society that is formed into certain groups. However, moral judgments depend on passions and sentiments that define approval and disapproval.

The discussion of ethics provides an understanding of human behavior and decision making. The consideration of ethics shows the crucial element that moral principles play in society. Each and every person has to be aware how our actions affect people directly or indirectly. Personal and professional ethics influence each other and provide a signal of individual character. In the end I would say, our actions and decisions in any situation describes how society views us. We must be attentive about how others view us, our decisions, and our actions. Negative ethical decisions are noticed more often and provide a basis for judgment rather than positive ethical decisions.

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