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Ethnic Diversity in the USA

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America is a home to everyone. Along with a variety of races and genders, no one is “more American” than the next. In the U.S; blacks, elders, bisexuals, and women don’t fit the “mythical norm” (Lorde 116). People allow the the “mythical norm” to determine who has the most authority. Our world consist of imaginary borders that we allow to seperate us. Whether these borders be divided by race, sex, or religion, we are aiming to make these differences equal and understood by everyone. The U.S is one of the only countries that allow variation of skin color or beliefs to divide and ruin us. Although this isn’t wanted by anyone, we somehow still allow it to happen. With such diversity in our everyday life, it should be a breeze to learn from one another. But in order to learn from one another, we must first accept and understand those that are different from us. the U.S should end deviation by combining minority activities and associating based on similarities and not differences.

There is no possible way to have integration and equity if we are practicing segregation. Most can agree that segregation was wrong and uncalled for. If we allow it to continue or be requested than it would still be wrong. It wouldn’t be a good idea to further segregate students by having separate history programs based on race. In my high school history class, I was the only African American in my class. Each day it was uncomfortable to sit and learn about a history that did not define who I am. When our small lessons on black history or slavery came around, it was very difficult to sit in a class and hear about all the bad things that happened to my ancestors. It was even harder to be stared at, as if I were in slavery myself. It is often hard to imagine how conversations would of went, if my classmates knew more positive history about African Americans.

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It rough to feel included, when there is a constant reminder that my history class will never know how my African American ancestors contributed to the U.S. My experience of feeling neglect, can closely relate to the feeling of other minority groups. According to the MSU website, they have an African American program. The AA program at MSU, is targeted to other African Americans. One of the programs goals are to “help provide a greater knowledge of self, self- respect, and self esteem for black” (MSU). None of these goals are targeted towards other races and cultures. Therefore, this program is more focused on educating people about themselves and not educating everyone. It may be nice to learn about what makes you different, but it isn’t necessarily needed if whites and other minority groups aren’t going to learn about it. This promotes seperating people by their differences, which is closely related to segregation in the early 90s.


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