Eulogy for Mercutio in Romeo and Juliets Love Play

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We are here today to pay tribute and endure the loss of a young and honorable person, Mercutio. He was the kinsmen of Prince Escalus, a friend, and a loyal brother. I'm sure he is in a better place where his soul will rest. As you all probably know, he was the town's mischief growing up and loved the idea of dreams as he would talk about ¨Queen Mab¨. He showed the realistic point of view about Romeo falling in love with Rosaline when, on the contrary, Romeo was dreaming about the fantasies of love with Juliet. Mercutio was known to many as the person who would enlighten anyone's day with humorous remarks such as cheering up Romeo when he was heartbroken over his one and only Rosaline. Although Mercutio never got to meet Juliet, his decisions about love would have been greatly impacted by seeing Romeo and Juliet together. Do you remember the time he told Romeo ¨prick love for pricking and you beat love down¨? 

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 His true meaning through these lines was not just to make sexual remarks to Romeo, but to be an honest friend towards Romeo, revealing his other trait, loyalty. Mercutio explained to Romeo that love is rough sometimes, and it should not control a person's entire life and through these lines he was supportive of Romeo giving advice about how this hopelessness was something that needed to change for the better of him. Not only this time, but there were many other times Mercutio gave advice to Romeo like at the time of when Tybalt gave the letter for a duel. Mercutio knew that Romeo was not able to sustain the skills that Tybalt had, so he took a stance and stood up for Romeo, eventually leading to his tragic death. He was always protective of Romeo even though his actions were depicted as aggression. The time when Tybalt was fiercely angry at Romeo for entering the Capulet party was when we saw Mercutio´s anger. Mercutio was woken up by the fact that his friend, Romeo, was so blindsided and distracted by love. As a true friend that he portrayed, Mercutio said,¨Why, that same pale hard-hearted wench, that Rosaline, torments him so, that he will surely run mad.¨

 How come he said this to Romeo, to be an honest friend or to just make a mockery out of Romeo? His friendship with Romeo and how he started to grow concerned with Romeo´s mental state shows that he was just not a friend, but a faithful friend. He had a true heart and seemed to make the most out of his life. Mercutio may have done things that were considered to be selfish and arrogant, but to Mercutio, the idea of bringing happiness and a little bit of fun in one's life was necessary to him and those around him. His death just recently has made many of us think of what type of man he was from the inside. His mischievousness brought out his childish side, but his willingness to die for a friend brought out his true nature from within.

Mercutio was a headstrong, clever, loyal, and comical man who died young but for a purpose. It was his courage that brought his life to an end but that is not stopping us from saying he was a potent man. He allowed us to call him a remarkable person, and I am sure his friends and family would agree. As we all grieve in the loss of your great friend, kingsmen, and brother, Mercutio will be remembered for his life and his memories will last forever. 

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