Euthanasia Should Be Illegal Or not

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Euthanasia is the termination of an extremely ill person’s life to end the suffering that the illness may be causing them. There are two main types of euthanasia: active and passive. Active euthanasia is when a doctor or a nurse gives a patient medicine that will kill them, while passive euthanasia occurs when a patient is denied the medicine or treatment that they need in order to stay alive. Euthanasia is usually only used on people with a terminal illness. In many countries including the UK, euthanasia is illegal. It is also illegal for a person to help assist somebody euthanize themselves. This is called attempted suicide and is also illegal in the UK. Why euthanasia should be illegal?  Euthanasia is a very debatable topic, some may believe in the right to choose how you die, others may say that euthanasia devalues human life.

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It is extremely important to acknowledge that euthanasia will put an end to suffering. This is your life, nobody else’s. Why should another human being get to decide whether you live or die? 82% of religious and non-religious people support euthanasia. This shows that the euthanasia law has immense support from different points of views. Terminally ill sufferers may fail to accomplish basic daily activities like walking and eating without assistance. These sufferers may feel as if they cannot do anything on their own, they rely on doctors, nurses and family members to look after them. This quality of life is extremely low, is it fair to force people to carry on suffering? People suffering from terminal illnesses may not only be suffering physically but could be suffering from mental health issues too. It is believed that 1 in 4 terminally ill patients show symptoms of depression. Suffering from a terminal illness may isolate people from friends and family, this can lead to loneliness. They may feel constantly exhausted, even suicidal. Sufferers may feel as if their life is not worth living. They may desire a premature death. It is not fair to force a person who is in great pain to carry on living. It is completely understandable for a person living in this condition to want to end their own life. It should be a matter of choice.

Although euthanasia may end suffering, euthanasia devalues human life. If euthanasia became legalized, people may start to see it as a solution, and it could then become easily misused. People may begin to believe that human life is unimportant or valuable, that it can just be thrown away. Instead of euthanizing patients, doctors should be trying everything to save them. This would show that human life is special and should not be given up easily. It would convey that doctors put effort into saving lives, that human life is not worthy of being thrown away. Children and young adults may grow up believing that human life is not valuable and can be easily thrown away. It is important that children grow up remembering the value of human life and how special it really is. Children growing up believing human life is not valuable may lead to mental health issues, it may lead them to believing that their own lives are not valuable.

Shouldn’t you have the right to choose when it is your own time to die? Death is a personal experience which the state should not get involved with. Patients who choose to be euthanized will get to die with dignity, with no fear. It will be much more peaceful, they will get to pass away with ease, with people who love them surrounded. Their death will be painless and less traumatic. Patients will have the opportunity to arrange to say goodbye to their loved ones, this is important for the patient themselves and their friends and family. They will die knowing they were loved and supported, rather than not knowing when they are going to die, all alone.

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