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In the history of American’s film industry, there have been so many topics that were brought up to the screen to reach out the audiences of the world. One of the most common topic which has been used for so many times but still is the best and never gets bored is “Love”. Twilight stepped into the industry and showed the world a kind of romantic fantasy love story about a human girl with a man which is a vampire.

Twilight was based on Stephenie Meyer’s novel, directed by Catherine Hardwicke and released on November 21, 2008. This film starts with Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan (a human girl) and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen (a vampire). Bella’s parents are divorced so they are living separated in two places. At the first place, she lives with her mom in Phoenix full of sunshine and the sand on the beach but her mom has already married to another man and she is going on a trip with her new husband leaving Bella alone so she decided to let Bella go to live with her dad for a while. From a place full of sunshine and beaches, Bella has to move to a little town call Forks which is always raining and cold, it is so small that the population is only 3120, such a difference with Phoenix. She is not only hate the cold and wet weather but she is also not into living with her dad although she does not hate him, their relationship is just simply not close as much as with the mom. We may consider the problem here that with a girl who is still in the age of teenager, living in a situation when she has to leave all her friends and her life in Phoenix and has to move to a new place where she does not know any body in there and start a new life. This is not easy for a teenage girl, mostly with her emotion when life around her is changing so fast. The film starts with a good plot and it is close with reality. Many teenagers in the world can feel the same feelings as Bella is feeling while they are watching the movie. It continues bringing the audience into a new hope when the director lets Bella getting to know people and having new friends as fast as a snap of finger. By this way, teenagers can have a hope or even being encouraged to get to know others faster. With new relationships, Bella randomly knows about Edward and his mystic family. They put many plots in the movie to guide the audience slowly into the flow when Bella is getting to know about Edward day by day.

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The most remarkable scene is when Edward saves Bella from a car accident because after this one, it brings Bella and Edward closer to each other. The closer they are being together, the sooner she finds out that Edward is a vampire which has been living for over a hundreds of year. She is not afraid of him and still wants to get to know more about him. They fall in love with each other instantly and Bella luckily is accepted by all the members in Edward’s family. For many people, this film may be considered as a normal one with no new concept but if we look closely enough, the director and especially the writer of the novel want to transfer the message to the audience that if love can reach everywhere, it can even happen when a human can fall in love with another kind which is not even human. It is the power of love when age, kinds, … are not the problems. We can fall in love with anyone or any thing and at any time we will not even know. That is one main message when the movie is just running in a half. To proof that Twilight is not a teenage movie with full of pink scenes, the director lets the love story go to a drama when Bella is in a danger situation because her blood is not like other human and it attracts other vampires to attack her. Edward and his family have to protect her from those dangerous vampires who suck human blood and kill people. Saying “I love you” is not enough to proof that we love someone, by only acting it out can proof the love. Edward is not just protecting Bella, he is protecting her by his life and he is always ready to give up his life any time for her. A love that can die for each other is not a normal teenage love. Fighting till the end of the movie, the actors have shown their best to transfer the spirit of it, Twilight wants all ages of the audience can feel the message of it which is love can happen at any time and if we fall in love with someone then it is a “one of a kind” love.

To make Twilight from a novel into the screen, it took many efforts from the actors, the ekip, the soundtracks, the light in the movie and the flow of it but still there are people who just not into the movie and they commented mostly about the acting of the actors. Despite the hate on the acting of Kristen and Robert, other parts of the film have still touched the audience and won many awards such as World Soundtrack Awards in 2009, People’s Choice Awards, USA in 2010, …it is even nominated for Grammy Awards in 2010. Although it is true that besides Twilight, there are many movies and films talking about love that is popular as 500 Days of Summer or One Day which are also based on novel, but Twilight has its unique way and it continues the story about Bella and Edward more deeply in the series saga.

After all, Twilight has its own charm way to talk about love and make people get their teeth into it.


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