Evaluating All Forms of Working Students

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The reasons why college students are working while perusing their college degree has been a question raised over the past decade. The question is valid, but it also leads to more questions such as what is the psychological side effects of going to school and working a part time or full-time job? The student athletes are included in this category as well because they have to dedicate an enormous amount of time to their respected sport and still required to do the same as their peers. Each student has a specific reason for doing extracurricular activities such as sports or working while trying to further their education. The reasons vary from survival, paying student loans, needing extra cash or sports scholarships paying for school.

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Evaluating All Forms of Working Students

As we know universities have been around for quite some time but the increase in attendance has grown rapidly over the past decade. As a result of the increase in student population, so has the tuition cost. When the price of universities rise it has a cause and effect on the students who attend. The effect of this is more students working while going to school. The main reasons for students working are worries about student loans, wanting to have job experience when they get out and to survive (Mounsey, Vandehey, Diekhoff, 2013). When students go to a university they are faced with many challenges from the strict education criteria and adding other stressors such as financial problems or the simple lack of necessities is putting students in a dangers mental state

Working Students

The increase in college students working while perusing their education has skyrocketed over the past few years. A recent report by the “Trade Union Congress (TUC) shows that the number of students undertaking term-time employment grew more than 50% between 1996 and 2006” (Jewell, 2014). The statistics are hard to ignore and at this rate in the next 10 years the number will be 100% of students are looking for term-time employment. Again, the Increase in working student is mainly because of the raise in tuition cost. If the cost of universities isn’t going to go down than why doesn’t the education system look into ways to help students who do have a full load. A study in the Philippians “showed more than 75% of engineer students were working part time, and the average sleep for 21-23 years old was 3-5 hours a night” (Kurata, Bano, Matias, 2015). The facts speak for themselves, and the thought that students who work should be given the same amount of work as a student who only has to go to school is Ludacris.

Student Athletes1

When it comes to student athletes it is a similar but different situation. As a student athlete you’re not forced to play that sport but, in most cases, if it wasn’t for the full ride scholarship most student athletes wouldn’t be able to afford school. A student athlete has long practices, games, and even road games which makes them miss class. The idea of student athletes having the same exact workload and expectation as a student who only has to juggle 12 credit ours is unfair. A study was conducted in the “2006-2007 school year on student athlete’s graduation rate and the general school population graduation rate. The study showed out of 102 mens basketball programs the graduation rate was 34.3% lower than the students body. In the case for 106 mens football programs the graduation rate was 17.7% lower as well” (Woods, Mcniff, Coleman, 2018). The statics from this article are staggering because it shows that the workload on student athletes is putting a huge dent on the graduation rate.

The main purpose of going to college is to get a degree and some may argue if you cannot perform your academic duty and your athletic duty then you should not be allowed too. The college sports world generates a lot of money per year and it is the athletes who are the cause of this revenue. The students athletes do not get paid due to the NCAA rules but that doesn’t mean the money isn’t flowing in because of all their blood, sweat and tears. The idea of a lighter workload is not for special treatment but, it is way to raise graduation rates and put less stress on students athletes.


The rising cost of Tuition over the years has caused many students to resort to working part time and even full time jobs to maintain a decent living or pay off their ever-rising student loans. As the workload is the same for the working and nonworking student there are studies being done to show the effect of working and going to work. The amount of sleep students who work get compared to students who don’t is not even close. Also student athletes have the same struggle of producing good grades and producing in their respective sports. The statics show the damage of the equal workload on student athletes has affected the graduation rate. The education system is not going to lower the tuition rates but it can look into how to tailor assignments to the working and student athlete population.

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