Evaluation of Facts about Having a Nutritious Diet

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Argumentative Essay: Healthy Food is Not Actually Healthy

All of the people around the world must want to live their lives to the fullest.

Some of us even try to keep our body in a good condition. One of the ways is that we try to practice healthy eating.

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Health-conscious people might be influenced with food packaging which labelled as “fat-free” and “low fat” where they think that it is good for health. For instance, healthy foods are fat-free flavoured yoghurt, wheat bread, reduced fat peanut butter, dried fruit, vegetable oils and many more.But, little do we know that healthy food isn’t actually healthy for us.

Firstly, we know that vegetables are extremely healthy. But, not all of us like to swallow the vegetables because it doesn’t taste appetizing on their own. That is why people mix their salad with dressing to make it tastier, turned this tedious meal into a flavorful meal. Actually, a lot of unhealthy ingredients such as sugar, vegetable oils and trans fat alongside with a group of artificial can be found in salad dressing. Even though the vegetable is good for our health, it didn’t give any benefit to your health if you mix it with unhealthy ingredients. Due to that, make sure the ingredients used to mix with your salad is healthy.

Second, we have been exposed that using vegetable oils is good instead of using cooking oil because it can lower our blood cholesterol level. Vegetable oils alongside with canola oil, soybean oil and grapeseed oil aren’t actually healthy. We have been using this oil to cook our meal replacing the cooking oil and think that it is healthy. However, we have to keep in mind that even though vegetable oils can reduce our blood cholesterol level, there is no guarantee that it can prevent our blood level from the increase that may cause a heart attack or death. In reality, numerous controlled trials have shown that regardless of reducing cholesterol, those oils can rise loss of life.

Next is fruit juices. When it comes to fruit juices, people believed that it is healthy because of the word “ fruit” itself. A fruit juice that sells at the supermarket ain’t actually fruit juice. Sometimes there isn’t always an actual fruit in there, simply artificial that taste similar to the fruit. What we have been sipping all this time, essentially is simply fruit-flavoured sugar water. Fruit juice is exactly like dried fruit, the things that left after all of the good nutrition has been removed is that sugar. The fact is fruit juices truly consists of a similar quantity of sugar such as a sugar-sweetened beverage.

In conclusion, healthy food that we think healthy is not actually healthy. It might also detrimental our health if taken at excessive rates. Due to that, we must be wise when it comes to nutrition, do check the ingredients or perhaps count the calorie that we might take in our meal. If the covering of the food stated that it is healthy, it probably is not actually. We don’t need a full list of the ingredients on the packaging of the food, because the actual food itself is actually the ingredients.


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