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My weaknesses for my interpersonal skills are body language, teamwork and problem-solving. The reason interpersonal skills are necessary in my business is because when I need to meet up with suppliers, having good communication skills and body language can make them show I am interested. Another reason my business needs interpersonal skills is, teamwork will be used in my business for decision-making and the business to run efficiently. Leadership is also part of interpersonal skills and this is important for me to control the business and make sure each employee has tasks set for the day. These tasks need to be done at a deadline and being a leader, motivating them can help them gain confidence. If the business didn’t have these skills, it would struggle to make the right decisions causing disagreements. There would also be no leadership, this means employees would get each other’s tasks mixed up and deadlines wouldn’t be met. Any client or customer will feel I am not interested if my body language isn’t correct such as slouching.

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My weakness for self-confidence is not being able to push myself or give up when I receive a hard task to do. The reason it is important for me to be a confident business owner, is because that to successfully deal with clients, plan strategies, execute policies and make decisions that influence, I need to be confident so that people trust me, value my opinions, and rely on my judgment. I can educate and use my energy to educate myself which is important because an owner needs these qualities.

The reason self-confidence is needed in my business because it can make other people confident, an example is if I show I am confident and talk them through selling a product in my business such as suppliers, they will trust me about my choice. The business needs this skill because it will make the business have the right decisions. This is because without confidence I may not be able to sell or buy products from suppliers. If I didn’t have this skill, the business will not make the correct decisions and suppliers won’t trust the business, they would feel that they haven’t gained enough trust from them.

My financial skills could be improved as they are at a basic level, I need this skill in my business to deal with financial statements, control budgets and be able to use the money effectively. The reason financial skills are important is because my business will need a budget and spending over can cause problems. Another reason this skill is important, an example is if I need to look at the financial statements and contracts with suppliers. The statement will show all my profit, loss, and revenue and with financial skills, I am able to make sure they are always up to date. It’s important for my business to have financial skills because if investors want to look at financial skills, they would have to see the financial statements. The financial statements will also help my business learn from mistakes by comparing the statements. If I didn’t have this skill in my business, investors will not want to invest as they haven’t seen any proof of sales, I wouldn’t be able to compare the statements to see where I have gone wrong from the last statement.

My technical skills are good, and this is important for my business because if I didn’t have the skills the business would not know the specifications of an electric car, I also would struggle to sell the cars because not having the special expertise, shows I am unconfident. My website would look very basic and wouldn’t attract customers because it still needs developing. It is important for me to have technical skills to understand the industry of electric cars and how they are kept. This information is important for customers to know how the cars are charged and the performance statistics of the cars. The reason it’s important to the business to know this information is because the customers will need to know all about the electric cars, the customer will want to know how to use the new technology. Technical skills also include web development, and this is needed to create the website. The electric cars have apps on different platforms and the customers will need experienced training for this.

My communication skills are overall above average, they are important for writing emails to suppliers and customers. Writing skills can help me market my business and established businesses can make partnerships with me and attract new clients. My speaking skills need to be at a high standard, for example if I am having to give presentations to investors, meetings, or other situations. The client will want to feel involved, just as much as I am and making them interested can sell the cars. The skill is important to the business because I will use these skills to attract customers and sell the products. Every person in the business need these skills to help make it progress further. It could affect the business because if I need to communicate with customers, they may find it hard to understand what point I am trying to get across. Another way it can affect a business is by, having employees that are bullying or swearing, this can cause issues in the business such as arguments. The emails can also have spelling and grammar mistakes, the customer may think it is a fake email or find it hard to understand.

My technological skills are excellent, they are important and related to the electric car business. The reason I need these skills is because customers will find it hard to use the technology in the car as it only has been introduced recently. I will need to access the internet and download documents, I will have employee timetables, financial statements, and book appointments. technology is important to me because I will need to store private information on there. Business meetings may also be through video conferencing, this technology requires experience. Office 365 is needed for me to create spreadsheets and record financial information. It is important for the business to have a website and making the website more advanced for ease of use. If I didn’t have this skill, contacting clients will become very time-consuming and keeping data can be hard. The data would need to be stored in a secure place for no-one to access. A place for meetings will need to be set-up which can be hard for all clients to attend. To improve my interpersonal skills, I will practice active listening skills during all conversations. This means when having a conversation with an instructional one, I will be mindful of what they are saying. Repeating what they say in your own words to ensure I understand. I will let others know I appreciate their help; they are motivated to keep up the good work. This is a key point which is to smile and use positive body language. I don’t want to make myself look uninviting, then customers will avoid me because you aren’t making them feel comfortable. If the business has a positive work environment, this will reduce stress, promotes creativity, and helps keep people productive.

To improve my self-confidence, visualising myself as I want to be can help me build confidence and help achieve my goals. Affirming myself can help me because if I tell yourself every day I am ugly, trying to say something I like about myself, can help your brain say more positive statements quickly. Fear brings down self-confidence a lot and overcoming can be hard. If I get out my comfort zone, I can face these fears and become better when facing them again. Helping others can help me build confidence because I am able to make difference out there and feel grateful.

To improve financial skills, training is the best way because I may need help with cash flow management and record keeping. These experts can help me and there are many college courses that give training for financial skills. In finance, I will deal with lots of number and this is what makes people not want to handle it and becomes a fear. Though financial is just counting numbers and measuring progress through financial performance.

To improve my technical skills, reading books can help such as computer books, they can give me a better understanding and improve my technical skills. Online tutorials are even better than books because they are always accessible, prompt, and free. They can make it easier for me and give a demo, online tutorials can give lots of added tips and suggestions. Volunteering on technical projects can give me an opportunity to get experience and give me a better understanding of the skill. There are lots online training courses such as project ships through prosky allow students to collaborate with companies that are leaders in the industry.

To improve my communication skills, I would need to make sure my points get across to others and try get others to hear. I can ask for feedback on my communication and others can help me discover areas for improvement that I might need to overlook. An example could be having a meeting with suppliers, knowing my audience will help me figure out preferences and meet their expectations. An important part of communication skills is listening because listening to what others have to say, can help me give a better answer and shows I have taken the ideas into account.

To improve your technological skills, your technical intelligence is a goal which will enhance your skills. Volunteering to take part on technology projects, join a project team of technical and business representatives, seek assignments that will educate you about your organization’s system, and give ideas for process improvement. Take classes on business modelling, business process improvement, accounting information systems, and data analytics. Every technology project or class will increase your technical intelligence and open doors to take part on future projects. Technical intelligence starts with developing an awareness and a working knowledge of technology, valuable steps on your way to becoming a technical expert.

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