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Evaluation of Personal Experiences of Katrina Marino and Denise Scott During the 9/11 Disaster

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9/11 Angles

9/11 is a day to remember for everyone, first responders, civilians, and government officials responded immediately to this tragic event. This horrible tragedy, on September 11, 2001, affected millions around the world, including loss of loved ones and the fact that the United States had just been attacked. Katrina Marino and Denise Scott both lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks. Katrina and her three kids were on there way to Manhattan for her youngest child’s modeling gig, when they heard fire trucks and heard a plane had just hit the World Trade Center (Pelletiere, Par. 6). Katrina’s husband, Kenny Marino, was a firefighter for New York and his body was never found (Pelletiere, Par. 8). Denise’s husband, Randy Scott, was on Flight 175, that hit the South tower at about the 84th floor. Denise thought he died without suffering but they later found a note that Randy Scott wrote that said, “84th floor west office 12 people trapped” (Todd, Par. 5). Katrina keeps her husband’s firefighter helmet in a cabinet on display to remind her that he did everything he could to save others lives before his own (Pelletiere, Par. 13). Randy’s best friend, Steve Ernst, thinks he knows what happened. “ He actually literally broke a window, probably with a desk,” Ernst said. “That’s how they found that it was his note; his bloody thumbprint was on the corner of the letter.” (Todd, Par. 11) The note that Randy Scott had wrote is now displayed at the 9/11 memorial (Todd, Par. 14). Denise struggled with telling her three daughters about the note they had found, she waited until her youngest daughter was out of college to tell them about the note (Todd, Par. 18-19). Katrina has not remarried since this catastrophic event, she is going back to college to get her degree and raising her kids (Pelletiere, Par. 12). Katrina plans to move back to New York one day because it holds a special place in her heart (Pelletiere, Par. 12). These two different angles are similar in many ways, but also very different. Both Katrina and Denise lost their husbands but Randy was on the plane and Kenny was a firefighter. They found parts of Randy’s body and a note that led back to him, but Kenny was never found.

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