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Evaluation Of The Advantages Of The Redistributive Tax

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After the end of the Great Recession, wealth inequality widened significantly along racial as well as ethnic lines. The recession came from housing and financial markets crisis in different parts of the world. According to Kochhar and Fry, the amount of wealth held by the whites’ households was thirteen times that of black households. The widening gap in wealth among Hispanic, Blacks and whites have been contributed by factors such as the gender wage gap, and racial discrimination (Kochhar and Fry).

The issue of the gender wage gap is one of the social injustices that need to be addressed with all means possible to ensure gender equality as well as reduce the dependency ratio. The policymakers need to tackles the issue of wide gaps existing between men’s as well as women’s economic empowerment and opportunities. In many countries, men and women work for similar work but get paid different salaries. Men are paid higher wages compared to women. Consequently, these gender wage gaps contribute directly to income inequalities as well as wide disparities in women’s participation in labor force. Many countries use taxation to ensure income redistribution and that’s exactly what these companies should be doing. The redistributive tax should be legalized because it assists in ensuring social justice. Through this type of tax, incomes are spread in a more fair way among the people. The rich are taxed more while the poor are taxed less. Social justice’s main aim is to promote the equalization of every person’s desires, wants as well as needs (Granbom 9). Every person desires to have an access to better health services as well as take children to better schools.

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The unfair wages that women receive discourages them from working. The tax will help to ensure equitable redistribution of income between men and women by taxing more those who earn more. Secondly, the redistributive tax should be legitimized because it helps the government to raise revenues to benefit all the people. High income earners are taxed more to ensure that the government raises adequate revenue to benefit all people. The collected revenues are used to improve social amenities in the impoverished areas, especially in the rural areas. Next, it should be legitimized to ensure gender wage equality in society. Men usually earn more than women. The unfair wages earned by women reduce their income and wealth for women. The redistributive tax will reduce the income earned by rich men to ensure their earnings are equal to those of women. The equality in the income distribution among genders will reduce the cases of societal injustices such as prostitution which is rampant in major towns. Many women engage in prostitution because their wages are too little to pay their bills. Many single mothers find themselves in participating in sexual slavery because they want to make money to pay school fees for their sons and daughters.

Lastly, it should be legitimized because it assists in preventing the exploitation of the poor by the rich people. Many rich men tend to exploit the poor sexually and economically. There have been many cases of sexual exploitation and assault of the poor by the rich people. They perceive the poor citizens as inferior beings. The most vulnerable group to sexual exploitation is women and children from low-income families. The revenues generated from redistribution tax can be used to improve the living conditions of vulnerable group lowering the risk of exploitation.


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