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Evaluation of the Kingdom of Jordan’s Decent Work Country Programme

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“Decent Work” has been spotlighted within the continuous developments of the labor standards as well as numerous efforts done by many global organizations interested in enhancing labor conditions wherever. It came as a brief expression describing the ultimate labor principals provided for employees over the world. This concept means in brief by the fact that every person in the world has the right to be able to get a job which allows him to live with dignity (Labor-Watch Jordan 2011, 2).

The International Labor Organization (ILO), who represents numerous production parties has adopted a complete definition as: A working under decent conditions such as fairness, equity, and human pride, where these things are protected with adequate pay and social coverage are provided. The term has directed production parties to strengthen their efforts to offer decent jobs to the employees or workers; various production parties were strongly required to achieve these goals which lead for better life for its workers (Labor-Watch Jordan 2011, 2).

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Jordan’s jobless rate in 2017 was 14.9 percent (Jordan’s Department of Statistics 2017). Jordanian government clearly has a challenge when it comes to youth employment since almost 70 percent of job-seekers are below the age of 25; characterized with being uninspired and disappointed. Jordan’s youth unemployment rate is one of the highest rates in the world (47%). Thus, there are greater than 50,000 new young entrants into the labor market each year (Abu Hummour 2016, 2-3).

There is a big gap between the international standards establishing the decent work term, and the reality of labor conditions in Jordan, whether in a matching between the global labor principles with Jordanian labor legislations and basic labor principles and rights, or in the field of the actual application thereof on the ground (Labor-Watch Jordan 2011, 8). The Jordanian government role has been clearly limited to the basic regulation of work environments for instance OSHA regulations, establishing minimum wages, and providing public sector jobs (El-Rayyes and European Training Foundation 2013, 23).

In Jordan, there are many legal provisions which identical with the international labor principles applied internationally, but were modestly applicable within actual reality (Labor-Watch Jordan 2011, 8). Thus, lack access to decent work opportunities have complicated jobless rate in Jordan. Therefore, this paper evaluated actual application of the decent work standards applied by kingdom of Jordan.

Employed Strategies, Government Policies, Initiatives, and Reforms

Several promising strategies have been developed to address chronic unemployment in Jordan. First, The National Agenda 2006-2015 is designed for increasing workforce employability, maximizes workforce size for improving labor productivity (International Labour Organization (ILO) 2012, 12). Second, Jordan’s Executive Development Plan (EDP), 2011-2013 contributes to recruitment support and technical training; social welfare; education, and scientific research (International Labour Organization (ILO) 2012, 12-13). Third, United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), 2013-2017 identified four themes including ensuring social equity, creating systemic reforms, investing in young Jordanians and preserving an environment. (International Labour Organization (ILO) 2012, 13). Fourth, National Employment Strategy (NES), 2011-2020 was formally initiated for strengthening significant governmental efforts to address the unemployment challenges in Jordan (Abu-Hummour, 2016). (International Labour Office 2012).


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