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The movie,“Grease”, is one that contains no only a storyline but music, dancing, and so much more. Filmed by Randal Kleiser in 1978, it is one of the most known movies in the 21st-century. Some may say that Grease is a spin off of the movie “West Side Story”, because of the fact that both are musicals with forbidden love. The movie is about teenage life during the 50s. Including things such as poodle skirts, leather jackets, cool cars, and movie drive-ins. It reflects the ideal teen life of the 50s. A story about how summer love can come back and mean so much more. One of the main reasons why this movie was such a hit was because of this love story between the two main characters. Not just a mention, the theme of learning from one’s mistakes throughout the movie. The film has many characters, with many different plot lines and stories of their own. This is another reason why the film is so dynamic. “Grease”is considered one of the most successful contemporary musicals today.

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The movie begins with Danny Zuko, played by John Travolta, and Sandy Olsson, played by Olivia Newton–John, on the beach experiencing a summer fling with one another. They say goodbye thinking that they will never see each other again. Little do they know that Sandy, who was intended to go back to Australia, will be going to the same school as Danny the coming school year. Rydell High. Conflict appears when Sandy, a goody two shoes blonde, shows up to school claiming to know Danny. This is bad because Danny is the leader of a hip and tough gang called the T-Birds, and in order to keep his reputation he cannot admit he has fallen for such a sweet innocent girl like Sandy. Confused by the way Danny is acting, Sandy falls within a group of rebel females called the Pink Ladies.

Greece is jam packed with jaw dropping dance moves courtesy of John Travolta, wonderful nostalgic music, amazing acting, as a timeless musical should be. The on screen chemistry between the actors clicks just right with the characters they play. The suave and charismatic Danny Zuko is depicted perfectly by John Travolta in his prime. Olivia Newton-John made a wonderful Sandra Dee, both as an innocent goody two shoes at the start of the film and as a bad girl she morphs into at the end of the film. Stockard Channing does an amazing job in portraying the jaded. Ringleader of the pink ladies, Rizzo. The three stooges that make up part of Danny’s Gang, the Thunderbirds, are particularly hilarious in their routines, playing the “look cool try to act cool card” to the hilt. Even Danny’s exaggerated singing scenes are enough to make the viewers convulse into laughter, in particular, Sandy. The quirky advertisement playing in the background of a sausage and a hotdog bun as Danny belts out I love sick ballad while he sits in a swing is nothing short of a laugh out loud funny. John Travolta may not be the best onscreen singer, but the emotion he puts into his role really makes you believe that he he is really a Danny Zuko.Frank Avalon seen as franchise Guardian Angel singing beauty school drop out is nothing short of humorous especially against the backdrop of a heaven themed salon. Although some scenes or a tad unbelievable, for example the end where Danny and Sandy fly off in a car into the sky, it maintains the feel good 50s vibe of the film that is never strayed away too far throughout the whole movie.

Set back in the 50s, when school gangs were more believably sarcastic, wisecracking, leather clad, slick haired, switchblade and water pistol carrying, song and dance pranksters, Greece most outstanding musical performances that transcend Ludacris notion of spontaneous singing and dancing. It certainly isn’t the easiest form of escapism to exist. Despite near caricatures performances, the styled thunder road race climax, and the lengthy dance competition, the pure enthusiasm displayed from every care actor screams of entertainment value. Everyone has a kick in their step and a rhythm movement that perpetually exudes coolness.

The most enjoyable part of “Grease” comes from the music and soundtrack of a movie. It is to be considered one of the many reasons why ”Grease” was so successful is because every single song is recognizable, memorable, and beautifully and time with the film. It’s hardly about the tried and true love story formula, we’re covering the many highs and lows of adolescence. Conforming to high school clicks, facing peer pressure, donning current. Fashions, and managing relationships are elements cleverly stirred into an upbeat, rhapsodic, and wacky musical number. This creative presentation works especially well because of a perfect cast; even though Travolta and Newton-John were the centerpieces, the supporting players including Stockard Channing as the scheming Rizzo, and Didi Conn as the airhead Frenchy, and special guest appearances by Frankie Avalon and JoAnn Blondell are expertly selected and utilized

One of my favorite scenes is when Rizzo performs her song, “There AreWorse Things I Could Do”. Not only did Stockard perform this song excellently, but it brings the lighthearted funny movie to a serious and sad topic. Through Rizzo being judged ultimately her entire high school life, for her “going around” too much. I love this part of the movie because viewers get to see how dynamic of a character Rizzo really is. From the beginning of the film viewers and watchers saw her as a rude, narcissistic, young girl, to the end where she is a struggling young woman who is afraid to have to take care of a child as any teen would be.

All in all, Grease is a classic film that many should watch. The young should maybe not, due to mature themes such as teen pregnancy, sexual themes, drugs, and Gang’s. It’s still a great film all should watch should wat The young should maybe not, due to mature themes such as teen pregnancy, sexual themes, drugs, and gangs. It’s still a great film all should. Reese has won many awards, including two Oscar, it is definitely one to put on your shelf Although sometimes described as cheesy, it is a film that includes songs, dances, and an amazing storyline. Through characters like Danny and Sandy, the film in my opinion is one of the best. Overall, “Grease” is a great film.

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