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Evaluation of Writings on World War 1 and 1920s German Portrait

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This essay is aimed to analyze the severe implication of World War I and has depicted the life of the enemies on the battlefield in the form of art and sculptures. In the 1920s, the cultural leaders were horrified with the experience of the war. The German artists presented sculpture and woodcuts of the pain and agony of the innocent who died in the war (Andrews, H. 2014). The artist also portrayed the images of starving children, heart-wrenching antiwar images, images of the innocent families. This text describes the artwork that is presented in the period of 1920. In this text, the memory and historical facts of the well-known writer, Vera Brittain, have been depicted. Brittain visited various battlefields of Europe immediately after the war in the year 1921 (Memory and Battlefield Tourism, pp. 865).

In this relation, the following essay is aimed to analyze the substantial changes that have resulted after the World War in Europe, thereby, generating standardization in political thinking. The thesis statement of the essay is stated as, “Whether the text namely, ‘Memory and Battlefield Tourism,’ is a vital narrative to depict the condition of the period of World War I”.

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This text has presented the notion of substantial changes that have occurred during the period of 1914-1918. Between the period of 1919 and 1920, Germans became resentful and the areas of eastern and central Europe represented varied distinct ethnic religion, languages and ethnicities in the new states, which may disrupt the peace of the nation in the future. The text has also presented that the war led to the development of diverse society due to massive immigration, which in turn led to the elimination of minority groups (William, D., and Lloyd. 2014). This source has provided in-depth information related to the period of 194-1918, wherein, various consequences have been highlighted that have resulted in substantial cultural changes in Germany, France, and Italy (Wintour, B. 2014). The text also generated ideas related to intensifying the art and sculpture in Germany in order to create a remembrance among the tourist about the deep effects of the war.

It was very difficult for German soldiers, who belonged to different backgrounds, to face difficult wartime situations. The upper class of the society was aided by government and their needs were being satisfied though black marketing whereas the worker class invested their enormous time and energy on work, but there were no substantial monetary returns for their work. Thus, a German roof worker association stated

“We can no longer go on. Our children are starving” (Memory and Battlefield Tourism, pp. 845).

This led to increased social tensions within the country as there was a shortage of staple in the whole Europe due to ineffective government policies. New administration was formed in Russia by the aristocrat that was known as Provisional Government. The main purpose of the provisional government was to improve the living conditions of the public by strengthening their position in the constitutional framework and to effectively manage the internal affairs of the nation during the wartime. In this context, one of the revolutionary poets cited,

“Our false, filthy, boring, hideous life should become a just, pure, merry, and beautiful life” (Memory and Battlefield Tourism, pp 846).

This assumes that the battlefield victory for Russia is very important for its survival against Austria (Memory and Battlefield Tourism, pp. 865). As the Prime Minister of Russia lacked effective administrative skills, therefore, civil war broke in Russia.

There were adverse implications of the war, which disturbed the social and political order of the nation. In the beginning of the war days, many women lost their jobs as various factories, shops and business enterprises were shut down. As a result, women began to join high-paying metallurgical industries in order to earn their livelihood in the period of emergency. Women were outstanding the role of men which led to immense fear among the men that women would take the central role in earning the bread after the war. This text expounds that technology improved to a significant extent during the war period, which resulted into greater productivity of consumer goods. Due to intermingling of varied cultural backgrounds, change in the technology helped the country to grow and develop.

Therefore, in this context, one of the metal workers cited, “Women were sending men to the slaughter.” In the period of emergency, as various businesses were shut down the men left for trenches and women took over the high-paying jobs, as well as domestic work, which provided them a source of living. Opposition on the political front increased to a significant extent in Europe, which in turn deteriorated the lives of the general citizens, thereby, leading to a revolt by citizens. Civilians were facing a tough time during the entire war period which raised the issue of firm political action. The cities of Italy, Russia, Austria and Germany faced great difficulties during the period of emergency, which resulted in the increased protest of women for attaining food for their families. It was cited by an Italian politician by saying, “We are living on a volcano” (Memory and Battlefield Tourism, pp. 846), as the prices are hiked to a profound extent, tenants were not paying the rents and the white collars workers left the job, which worsened the situation.

This text has analyzed that the wartime propaganda has resulted in the development of a diverse society against all the enemy groups. With the inclusion of new and modern technology in the art and varied fields in the period of 1920, substantial changes in the social and political culture emerged. This text presents adequate information in relation to the changes in the societal issues in the country. This text presented the strong role possessed by the women during the period emergency, which contributed to the economy of the nation. Furthermore, the battlefields presented such modern art that depicted the pain of the people, who have undergone the trauma of the war and the surviving families who have lost their loved ones.

World War I, in the period of 1914-1918, resulted in a huge loss of lives and destruction of various dynasties. As the major dynasties collapsed, the authoritarian power increased to a great extent. As a result of the war, massive migrations occurred, which led to the development of a huge and diverse society comprising of varied ethnicities, languages and races more specifically in Europe. Thus, on the basis of overall discussion and facts and findings explored in the essay, the thesis statement is restated as, “ The text titled, “Memory and Battlefield Tourism”, have proved to be a vital narrative, which has significantly presented the condition in various countries during the period of World War I”. Overall, it can be concluded that battlefield tourism will create a remembrance amongst the survivors about the pain and agony that their loved ones have gone through during the wartime.


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