Everyman: a Modern Story of a Human

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“That’s the picture I was looking for”, said Everyman. “Let’s see how many likes this will get on facebook.” The last thing Everyman did every night was to look at his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat before closing his eyes and diving into the land of sleep and dreams. He was a very social and outgoing person who had made many friends over the years. He was famous for hosting great big parties at his place. After taking a last look at his social life he put his phone at his bedside table and turned the lamp off. As he laid his head on the pillow he closed his eyes and began to think about his plans for tomorrow. “Tomorrow is a big day”, said Everyman, “I hope my presentation goes well.

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He was beginning to fall into sleep but suddenly he felt a presence in his room. He opened his eyes and looked around what it might be at this hour. He felt movement in the dark. He got out of his bed to investigate the source. He turned the lamp back on but there was nothing. “I am probably tired with all the work”, thought Everyman. “I am seeing things now, great”. He went back to his bed and turned the lamp back off. Instantly he felt that someone was standing on the side of his bed. He opened his eyes and saw a black hooded figure standing by his bedside. “Death Eater!” he gasped. The black hooded black figure laughed at him. “I am not a Death Eater…. I am …. Death”. It took a moment for Everyman to recover from the state of shock caused by the hooded figure’s words. He said in a squeaky voice, “Death?” “Yes”, replied the hooded figure. Everyman gulped and sat straight in his bed. All sleep and plans of tomorrow forgotten.

“I have come to take you with me to the unknown realms where God is waiting for you.” said Death. “Well excuse me but I am certainly not ready for that trip right now”, said Everyman in a shaky voice. “I have a very important meeting tomorrow that could change my life”. ‘I am afraid that is not your decision to make Everyman” said Death “your time has come like so many before you. You must come with me now.” Everyman’s eyes widen with horror. “Can’t you come tomorrow? Just maybe give me one more day to…. Do something good. To be prepared”. “You had your chance Everyman but now the times up. You do not get second chances with life. Now come with me. Someone is waiting for you” said Death.

Realizing that he did not have a choice, Everyman got up and prepared to leave. “Well alright. Let me call my friends, maybe they will want to accompany me or something.” The Death moved out of Everyman’s way. Everyman called his best friend. “Remember when we were kids we said we will always be there if one of needs anything?” said Everyman. “Yeah man, I have got you back. What’s up?” “I need you to accompany me in the journey to the unknown realms”. “Is this some kind of joke?” said friend. “No no it’s just I am afraid to go alone so I was wondering__”. “Well Everyman I would love to its just I have this very important meeting tomorrow all the best for your journey.…. So bye. Talk to you later”. And he hung up immediately. Death was looking at Everyman quietly. Everyman was disappointed. He decided to call his close family members. He explained his situation and was shocked to see that they too were busy with their own life. They told him they loved him but apologized that they had important work in the morning that needed attending. He then called his cousins whom he loved very much. They also gave him excuses and hung up on him.

Defeated, he looks at the hooded figure standing silently against the wall. “They said they loved me but apparently their jobs and life is more important than going with me to see God”. “Shocking” said death in a bored tone. “Well I guess I should get dressed now” said Everyman. He wears his best coat. Puts his best and most expensive perfume on. He puts his wallet in his one pocket and puts all the money and credit cards in his purse. He wears his designer shoes and he stands in front of Death. “Okay now. I am ready.” Death gives him a hard look and says, “Now you are ready”. Everyman looks at his reflection. His reflection stares back at him, standing in his birthday suite. “What have you done?!” Everyman exclaimed. Death ignores him. Everyman gives a long last look to his mobile phone and starts walking with Death. As they walk on a strange deserted road. Everyman feels naked and alone. He thinks of everything and anyone who would come and accompany him in his journey towards the unknown realm.

He thinks about the time he feed a poor person and lent him money. He calls out to his good deeds. He feels a faint shadow behind him. “Your good deeds are following you” said Death. With every step he took he felt his beauty, strength and his power to think, fade away one by one. He could not see things properly and he noticed that he could hear well either. He looked behind him and felt a little reassured to see that the shadow of his good deeds was still behind him.

As they were walking Everyman thought of all the time he wasted in pleasing the people and making money. He felt hurt when none of his close family and friends came with him on this journey. He felt cold. He also thought of all the times he ignored to do good for people. In the dark night he wondered what if he had helped more people and performed more good deeds. At least his shadow would be a little dense. He thought to himself that if he would have known that his final journey would be this cold, dark and lonely he would have spent all his time doing ever good deed in the book.

After a long time, Everyman looked up and saw a shimmering gold light. “What is that?” asked Everyman. “That is where I leave you.” Replied Death. Upon hearing these words Everyman fell to his knees and started crying. He started bawling like a little baby. He looked at death and he looked at the door. He cried and said “oh, if only I could go back and start afresh. If only I could go back and set all the wrongs right. If only I could have one more chance to live my life again I would change so much about it.” “I am afraid that is impossible” said Death. “When you step inside this door you will see two doors in front of you. One is towards heaven and other leads towards hell. Wait for the door to open. Whichever door opens first, it leads you to your next destination.”

Death opened the shimmering door and asked Everyman to step in the light. Everyman was surprised to see that his good deeds were still with him. He started crying again regretting all this time for not doing more good deeds. Death closed the door. Everyman felt scarred. Everyman did something that he had never done before. He started to pray. He prayed and prayed with all his heart. When he opened his eyes he saw a white hooded figure standing in front of him. He tried to see which door was open behind the hooded figure but the light emitting from the white hooded figure blinded Everyman. The figured began to move closer to Everyman. “He has listened to your heart felt prayers. Come with me.” Everyman got up quickly and suddenly felt happy to see that the door that opened for him was the door towards heaven.

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