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Who Are Blogger?

If the phrase blogger meaning sounds new to you, then read this article carefully as it can be a turning point in your life. This article is for beginners and newbie who want to know what exactly blog stand for how they can start blogging today with just $0 and turn it to $1000 or more per month. Yes, you can do it. I promise you. According to Wikipedia, a blogger is a person who regularly writes articles on the blog. But to make it simple bloggers are writers in the online world who express their views through blogs. Bloggers share their knowledge with the reader who is looking for some information about a niche. The niche can be about food, pets, health, make money, fashion and lot many other niches. By sharing their knowledge or helping readers to solve a problem in some way they turn their readers into a customer. This helps the blogger to built wealth online, taking many from rags to riches.

What is blogging?

Blogging is a way to express thoughts or ideas of a blogger through online in text format or posts, and it helps readers to gain information out of it. In more professional manner blogging is an art where bloggers being an artist design their blog to share their views about a niche. When we talk about blogging their comes to a word blog, what exactly is a blog? According to Wikipedia, a blog is a regularly updated website or a web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal style.

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The story of two blogger friends

Clive and Justin are two good friends. One fine day, Clive tells Justin about his blog and how he was making money from his food blog that he set up just two years back. Justin was astonished to know that it was possible to make money from blogging. Justin not knowing much about blogging topic cuts the conversation and a few hours later they go back to their respective home. That whole night Justin was thinking about his credit card debt, about his boss who can fire him any time for not completing the target that every month. He was hopeless now. In so many thoughts that were hurting his ego, he remembers about Clive who was making money by blogging. Justin without much thinking and turn the coin of his life he calls his friend. Clive picks up the call and understanding the hard time his friend was going through he promises to help him.

For the next three month, Justin learns how to work on the themes, layouts, headers, and all customization of the blog. He learns it two quick in a very short span of time. Justin knew that he had in-depth knowledge about the financial sector, starts a blog about finance and investment. He brought a domain and hosting, designed it, wrote high-quality content and updated the blog every single day. “AND BOOM” Within a year his finance blog was ranking on the top of the google searches, giving his blog tons of traffic every single day. Slowly, he learned to monetize the site with adds then with affiliates and started selling his own courses to teach other about investing money online and real estate. After two years he didn’t only pay all his debt but also was having enough money to built a new house for himself. But he didn’t stop to take a break to enjoy what he had or lavishly spend what he has earned he became smart now. He realized how to work with money matrix. After five years he had a net worth of 5 million dollars, he achieved everything because he wanted to change and so you can. ENDS Why start a blog today if you haven’t yet?

TO BE A MILLIONAIRE Blogging has the potential to take you from rags to riches. If blogging is done in a very smart way it will take you from nothing to a millionaire. Yes, if blogging is done seriously smartly with very good SEO it can turn the blog into a money machine. Making money from the blog is a slow process, it is not a get rick in a single night. It takes time to work, so it is necessary for most of the new blogger to have patience. There are a lot of crazy bloggers who are making tons and tons of money every single day. Few are self-ma millionaires from their blog. They too made mistakes in the early stages but the only thing is that they learned from the mistakes that they were making. Jeff Rose is a financial advisor, investor, and a blogger. He started his blog around 2008, with dedicated hard work he made it a successful financial blog. He makes millions and millions every year. Jeff owns his personal blog “”.

If you are interested to know more about his journey to visit his youtube channel – click here. You must remember that most of the bloggers who are making money and generating a huge income didn’t get overnight success, they kept working on the plans until they achieved that. Few bloggers started with just Adsense with no idea on how they can monetize their blog, steadily they developed the idea how they can make money with affiliate commissions, or through selling their own products. Yes, they are humans like you and me they achieved it, faced lots of ups and downs but never gave up on their ideas. “To be a millionaire you have to think like one of the”

TO BE POPULAR Blogging has the power to make you popular and famous among the audiences who have an interest in your niche. If your a financial adviser, having in-depth knowledge about finance, then if you start a blog about finance it will be boom in no time, you will find a number of audiences who have same interest in finance loving to read your post, this will help not only people knowing you but also they will connect you to know more about the niche. As your popularity would increase and you will be famous among many finance entrepreneur they would suggest you more ways to drive traffic to your sites, helping you with sponsorship and many other factors. You will have a drastic increase in both your popularity and money in your bank account. “One arrow two targets achieved” As a blogger, you will have a community of like-minded audience who would recognize your effort, help you exchange views and tips on the niche your working on. As a result, you will be a famous entity among many peoples and also the blogosphere.

TO BE A GOAL SETTER “When you work towards your dream then you achieve the dreams you see” After working on a blog for a year, you would realize that it is necessary to update the post with new content every day or two. Your audience following your blog will demand new articles related to your niche. Now, that will pull you to work on the blog. In order to give the best and fresh content to your visitors. You will start working on the goal to deliver the best valuable content to visitors so that your blog stands unique among other blogs working in the same niche. Goal setting also is considered for the monetization part too. If your blog making over $100 every month from your blog by running adds then set a target to make $120 the other month by integrating affiliate in your blog. Keep introspecting your goal to hustle on your goals.


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