Everything Happens for a Reason: Divorce

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I believe that everything happens for a reason. No matter how hard things seem to be, there is always a reason for them. Some days you’ll find yourself thinking that things will never get better, but things can turn around overnight and are back on track. Hard times can make you feel stronger and they can help create the person you are trying to be. People will change in order for you to let them go, things will go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you will believe lies until you finally learn to trust nobody but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

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Three years ago when my parents got a divorce I Didn't have this same mentality I have now. I wasn’t able to find a logical reasoning for it for awhile.

Children of divorce always remember the pain of the day that their parents separate. It doesn’t ever fully go away. That’s the day that they lose their basic sense of security. The day they realize that the walls of their home are not as strong as they had always believed them to be. They lose a portion of their innocence, no matter what age they are. They will be the first to learn that some stories do not have happy endings. They carry this brokenness with them forever. When I was 13 and still confused about my parents' divorce, I began to see that the brokenness could also make me stronger. It could help me see others' pain. It could lead me to search for wholeness and truth in a place where others weren't searching at all. But most importantly, this loss could make me stronger. As I grew up and faced the inescapable effects this had on me, I had learned something. I had learned that pain is a powerful teacher, and that I could choose to use it to succeed.

Family members may pass away and even though nothing good of the death can be seen through one’s eyes, there’s always something positive that came from this tragedy. My best friend's dad died a few years ago. I never knew what happened until a few days ago when she called me and opened up to me about everything. I can tell her family at home became much closer through this hard time. Whenever I hear her talk to her mom or sister, I notice she says I love you every single time they have a conversation. I understand that her dad’s death opened her eyes and helped her not take important figures for granted, as it did for me as well. She appreciates her mom and sisters appearance in his life everyday and cherishes it.

Life is simpler when one realizes that all of life’s obstacles happen for a reason. Instead of looking at the drawbacks of a situation and feeling depressed and defeated, we must understand that each event in life will be beneficial in the future. Though the benefit may not be presently obvious, we must force ourselves to consider the positive impact on one’s life and new opportunities created. It is necessary that we remain positive and hopeful, as with each failure leads to a new success, with each loss opens a new door to opportunities, and with each tragedy it is a time for reflection and personal growth. This way of living life, “Everything Happens for a Reason” may be hard to comprehend at first, but it is certainly credible . It is absolutely normal to be upset about situations that turn out differently than expected. But, how one handles the disappointment long term determines whether failure or success will define oneself.

Some may view this mindset as an excuse to escape the negative obstacles of life, but I see it as a motivation to keep me going. I don’t waste my time feeling bad for myself, instead, I pick myself up and move on. Every experience in life is made to shape you into the greatest version of yourself that you could possibly be. We can’t control why or how things happen, we can only control how we respond to things. Sometimes things need to happen because I think sometimes we need to be sure of something.

With that being said both the good and the bad happen for a reason. There have been many situations so far in my life where something bad has happened to me and I later realized why. Most of the time I am able to grow as a person. I will always believe in this power. One might wonder why I believe that such painful events establish a reason. But I believe that this is an effort to make us human. If everything was perfect twenty four seven where would we see room to improve? Imperfections are what make us human. Change is a healthy way of becoming a better you. Dreams will change so many times until you find the one you truly want to achieve. Friends come and go and the ones that bring out the best in you will stay. I believe that I have found a couple of true friends that I will keep forever, but I still have a lot to discover about myself.

The power of this mentality creates proof that the events we face during our lifetime are not pure magic, they are planned. They are happening for a reason. Whether we know this reason or not, everything has a place in this place everything is able to happen as it should. I trust in the plan. Its power to give me guidance through tough times and strength when I’m weak is all I need to believe that everything happens for a reason.   

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