Everything is About to Change: How to Accept Changes

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Its really strange yet fascinating how fast things change. Its a blind reality. Today is totally different from yesterday. Tomorrow is going to be nothing like today. Things change, you change, I change and the world wakes up new all over again. Some changes amuse you. But some scare you and can even scar you forever. The scar remains and reminds you of the change every time you see it. Change is impeccable. You can’t run away from it. Running away from it is like running away from oneself because you are a living example of change. What you are now, your thoughts, your body are all an evolution through changes. Its a reality and you got to accept in anyways. Therefore be positive towards change. Its important to make our younger generation aware of these things because changes can be sometimes overwhelming to a level where they handle it extremely bad. To avoid that kind of an occurrence its important to welcome it with both hands, be prepared for it and face it with a smile.

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One goes through a million changes in oneself. A child goes through a rollercoaster ride emotionally once he or she hits puberty. Their own body seems like someone elses and they are completely clueless on what to do with their emotions. As a girl i went through double the pressure. I didn’t know how to deal with blood coming out of me, breasts growing, people staring. I was becoming a woman and it was new to me. I changed. I grew. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely yes. Growing up might seem painful. We all crib about adulthood and its problems. But imagine remaining that little kid who knows absolutely nothing about life or world? Not enjoying all that we are now. The freedom, the lessons, the love. Grown ups’ world is tough but enjoyable. It makes sense to live as an adult because our life is in our own control. Well not totally, but yes. Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as being stuck somewhere you don’t belong. Can you imagine for a second being a transgender teenager? When you are stuck in someone else’s body while you think like someone totally different. People survive and move on from that level of changes.

One thing that has to change with these bodily and environmental changes is our mindset. George Bernard Shaw once said “progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”. These are golden words everyone must always remember. There were absurd beliefs and systems that people followed years ago like sati, untouchability etc which got abolished with time. Its a positive change without which our country wouldn’t progress. This is an era of changes and it warms my heart. We have begun accepting people for who they are, respecting each other’s decisions and priorities. Our law doesn’t let people discriminate on the basis of caste, sex or sexuality anymore. We cannot become what we aspire to be by remaining the way we are. Which is why change is important, as important as surviving.

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