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Everything you did not know about wooden doors

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Wood is a millenary material in the process of housing construction, as well as vital elements for human use, and no matter what we find in the 21st Century, wood is still used inside the home, with the door main or interiors one of the most requested in this material. That is why although it is usually a preferred material among consumers, not much is known about advantages, little-known data of the material, as well as the types of wood and which are the best when it comes to purchasing a door.

Do you dare to know details of these doors and to know them in depth to choose the one that best suits your style and also budget? Well then go ahead!

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Little known advantages

Among the most common advantages that are found when choosing a wooden door is the durability of the material, which is resistant to the passage of time and also to the climatic conditions, which although it is very true, it is also that the woods are determined that are resistant for the outside, while there are ones that are only recommended for the interior of the house. In this case, the Pine and Cedar are recommended for the outside of the house, if you will use it as the main door, in addition to the oak and those of tropical origin.

Durability is one of the best advantages of these doors, since with the good use that you can use of them and with an appropriate varnish, your wood will look like new for many years. They need to have maintenance It is known that the terminations are one of the most common pests for wood and in case you opt for a wooden door, you should know that every so often an integral maintenance will be necessary based on different types of oils, which they will ensure the good quality of the door.

They can also be sliding doors

Yes, as you can see in Asian culture, wooden doors can be sliding, as in the case of the upper photograph, so if you like this type of door, go ahead! A good recommendation is that these doors will shine and also help you have more space if your house is small. Variety in textures and tones In case you did not know, the woods vary in shades depending on the tree from which they are obtained and in textures depending on the work done at the time of forming the structure of the door, so you will find doors with clear cuts like the one see in the image to darker tonalities such as oak, for example. Doors with textures, from the most rustic to those that have a greater treatment and a much finer cut are some of the options, varying in price that you can find in the market.

Combination with glass

The combination of wood and glass can be perfect for an outdoor door where you want to protect your privacy but at the same time give it a unique and more modern style. Thus, the combination with other materials is also possible, with steel and glass being the favorites when innovating at home and the main doors that face the outside, with which more is played, while the style is usually maintained more intimate and traditional with interior doors.


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