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Evilness As a Main Satan’s Quality

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If you take a look at his personality with an open mind, actually has characteristics of a respectable person. One of ’s characteristics is his evilness; he is the personification of evil. That isn’t one of his admirable traits, but it’s what makes who he is. When you hear the word, , you immediately think evil. In general, people look at and that is all that runs through their minds.

Evilness is the trademark of Satan’s personality. Another of Satan’s features is his intelligence. He usually isn’t noted for this. If you think about it, Satan had to be reasonably smart to plan a crusade against God. He also has the intellect enough to trick people and to transform a person’s personality. That is why when you get involved with Satan you usually end up losing. A person is sometimes respected for his intelligence. Many of the famous people in our past and present are intelligent. Satan is also a leader. He led the war against God in heaven, and he is also the leader of hell. You can tell Satan is a leader when he quotes, “it is better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven”. Leadership is a respected quality. Look at Martin Luther King, Jr. He led a rebellion for black people and today he is respected for that.

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Bravery is another one of Satan’s “respectable” mannerisms. Satan had to have been fairly brave to plan a battle against God. Even though he was banned from heaven, he is the leader of hell, and he still plans to get God back for what he did. A brave person is usually always recognized in society. To have pride is a good thing. People or teams that have pride are the ones that succeed. They need to have the type of pride that gives esteem and not ego. Satan had pride mainly in himself and his work. He is proud of all the things that he does. Satan is a very ambitious creature. He doesn’t give up on something once he starts. With God, Satan can’t directly torment him.

So he must use God’s creation of people to “win”. Satan doesn’t give up easily. The first thing that he thought when he got to hell was how he could take revenge of God. Satan’s ambition might become more noticeable in the world one of these days. The evil just might over power the good. It all ready happened once, and God had to extinguish life on earth with a flood. Then He had to start from scratch. Satan might have “won” once, but God will keep making that final move, that doesn’t make Satan victorious. All of Satan’s qualities, except for evilness,- intellegance, pride, leadership, bravery, ambition-are some of the same traits you would find in a well honored human. So why isn’t Satan respected as highly as God is? All of Satan’s outlooks are one-sided and to the extreme of darkness and evil.

The one trait that makes Satan, who he is, is evilness. Since all of his traits are to the extreme the evil side of him pulls all the other characteristics to that extreme; hence, you have the “Prince of Darkness”.


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