How We Developed to Humans: Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution and the Event of Cambrian Explosure

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  • Evolution and Cambrian explosion
  • Introduction
  • Cambrian explosion
  • Conclusion
  • References:

Evolution and Cambrian explosion


After the publication of Darwin’s theory of evolution there were lots of debate on his theory versus theory of creationism. According to Darwin all species adapted according to environment needs and they still developing according to environment. There are lots of scientific evidences that supports Darwin’s theory of evolution but also there are some scientific study that place doubt on theory of evolution as explained by Darwin. Biologists found hundreds of species that are changing through the time. Micro-organisms become unaffected to drugs; insects have become though to chemical pesticide and weed plants have become resistant to herbicide. Species changing their body forms physically and chemically in response to environment change. “fit will survive more” is a rule of environment. The more fit you are, more you will survive.

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Darwin’s finchesDarwin’s finches are one of the great evidences that supports his theory of evolution by natural selection. The Galapagos islands is home of 26 species of birds. 14 species of birds know as Darwin’s finches. Darwin’s finches are considered as fastest evolving species because the quickly change their deeds and appearance according to change in environment. According to Darwin diversity of one species in an island is unique things. They are belonging to one singular group with same kind of appearance, but the only difference is beak. Later he observed that it depends on food what they eat. Some of them species depends on seeds and plants and some are depending on insects.

Cambrian explosion

Cambrian explosion is an event happened 540 million years ago and lasts for 20,25 million years. Before Cambrian explosion most of the life forms were simple. The Cambrian explosion refers to the sudden appearance in the fossil record of complex animal with mineralized skeletal remains. Almost every metazoan phylum with hard part appeared in Cambrian era. After Cambrian explosion all life forms starts to become more complicated. However, many major groups of organisms appeared within span forty million years.


In the last, Cambrian explosion is era in which most of the diversity of organisms is appeared. Cambrian explosion is under study. After study and some scientific evidence, it can be hypothesis that can disprove the theory of evolution. Although we have theory of evolution with some exemptions, but still it is popular theory that prove how we are originated and developed to humans.


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