Style of Baz Luhrmann in Literature

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Style of Baz Luhrmann in Literature

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Baz Luhrmann has a signature style, a style we call Luhrmann’s style which is inspired by the Auteur Theory. He is of a director that has a unique creative vision, and a vision that can be perceived systematically throughout the director’s body of work. Luhrmann’s style, his distinctive style, which is proven in evidence that reflects a personal creative vision which remains consistent in all his films, which explains the unique styles used in his films every commonly, like Red Curtain Trilogy, Anachronism(music) specific narrative style, colour lighting meaning, character similarities and hyper-realism. Moulin Rouge! Is an example of a Red Curtain Trilogy, which is a combination of theatricality and cinematic complexity. All luhrmann films invite the audience with either a red curtain and a highly expressive conductor. The conductor in the context of the films is Baz Luhrmann, inviting us to his world. Although Great Gatsby had gold gates instead of the red curtain and opens with a less dramatic background music, it’s still considered as Red Curtain Trilogy because by definition it’s described a cinematic and theatrical opening.

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Which evidentially means Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge! Have the same opening. Mr Luhrmann uses Crane shots(usually in the beginning like when he introduced us to the Moulin Rouge fro the first time) to capture all the madness in both Moulin Rouge and Great Gatsby. He does however uses quick shots and awkward angles making it feel as if we the audience are apart of the madness experiencing the intense, overwhelming and dizzy feeling. Even though Luhrmann authentically has evolved and the madness of the films calmed down if we compare Moulin Rouge! to Great Gatsby, Luhrmann’s style has not changed his formalist stylistic elements however, it’s still very similar. He creates radical busy scenes with right colours, dramatic wardrobe and carefully chosen props. Baz Luhrmann is a complete opposite to a realist because he uses abstract ways to show problems humankind faces or human emotions in his films. Using the abstract mise-en-scene, carefully choosing places and times of day to capture the absolute authenticity of the time era and to create ‘consciously artificial world’, which test other director’s parameters he uses a signature style which is the unity of theme and style which in my opinion where hyper realism and postmodernism is used. Like in Moulin Rouge,with the Eiffel tower, was presented in a very small scale compared to the original as well as the singing moon, moons don't have mouths or faces let alone cant sing, giving us the impression it’s a metaphor for they love basically feeling on top of the world.

As well as in great Gatsby, his car’s engine is way too modernized especially knowing the car make and the jazz era didn’t know about turbo. Luhrmann adds modern elements to all his films such as modern songs like in the film Moulin Rouge! Santine and Christians love scene by the elephant they sing John Lennon’s song Your song made in the 1970s, keep in mind the era of Moulin Rouge! is 1889-1900 Paris. Also in The Great Gatsby they use hip-hop songs by the artist Jay Z (modern musician in 2000s) again keeping in mind this is 1922 era, jazz age. Baz Luhrmann uses these techniques to keep us engaged in the films by making it relatable for us, like the excitement they parties where like they songs were new to them like those songs were new to us at the time. Baz Luhrmann uses a romantic simple story with ‘shooting stars’ and sparkling sky. The term shooting stars refers to the demonstrates of the destined of the lovers and the change when relationship is embraced. In this cause lovers (Christian +Santine and Gatsby and Daisy) in the beginning give us, the audience, the belief that love conquers all but unfortunately the theme Baz Luhrmann has in mind for us is the opposite. By basically setting the characters fate from the beginning by bring the two economically different people to actually love each other. Themes like the foolish love vs Security and lifestyle this would result to different values in the relationships leading to love cannot conquer all things. This theme is in portrayed in all films, Baz Luhrmann basically as the characters start to develop or realise the importance of love or acception he ‘kills them off ‘. Like in Moulin Rouge when Santine realises that her work isn’t everything and that all she wants is to be with Christian she suddenly dies of tuberculosis.

In The Great Gatsby, just as Gatsby was about to answer the phone (which he was expecting Daisy’s call but turns out it was Nick) he would have accepted that Daisy is a horrible person, get over her and probably not be greedy anymore. In both Moulin Rouge! and The Great Gatsby we notice that the females are both portrayed as prizes. This point was more emphasised in the film Moulin Rouge!, Santine always gets like a white light which indicates spotlight that they indeed is the focal point or the desired. Also both Santine and Myrtile(Great Gatsby) are presented with red lipstick indicating lust and passion. But also Daisy is presented as a prize and is the one desired. Daisies are fragile flowers representing innocence, purity and beauty, very desired in the flower business but however the centre of the daisy is yellow which represents moral corruption. This describes how daisy is so beautiful on the outside but she desires to be wealthy and socially accepted. This does represent the era of the Jazz age very involved with the desire for wealth oblivious to they empty values. The name Santine however means a silky smooth name which is feminine and glamourous, and evokes imagines of sensual French screen stars. So on purpose for the females in all his roles have to be smooth and silky but innocent looking but lusty and desirable also all about social statuses.

The males however are portrayed in important roles even the penniless men have a more respected role. Like the Narrators in both Moulin Rouge (Christian) and The Great Gatsby (Nick) tell the story from their point of view. Christian narrates the film Moulin Rouge! by writing thine story on his typewriter, he tells the audience that Santine, his lover, had died. This was shot in a blue lighting Christians emotions was more powerful considering he was a very likable character, very adorable so starting off with a hectic blue light and sort of after rain like effect adding to the depressing mood. In The Great Gatsby, Nick narrates the film by telling the beginning story to shrink explaining his mental health and about the cause of his mental health but then types the story on a typewriter. Baz Luhrmann makes the characters give away the plot in the beginning to make the audience get hooked and engage in the story. Luhrmann’s films are spectacular with the use visuals, postmodernism-hype realism and anachronistic music but the films still show similarities such as the distinctive perspective on the female roles and the anachronism in both films as well as the madness, bright parties and the narrative style and Red Curtain effect which leads to the point that Baz Luhrmann hasn’t really evolved in fact he avoids development or change he sticks to the style that info fact reflects his personal perspective

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