Evolution Vs Creationism: the Truth Behind Each Theory

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For many years, the world has been confronted with two theories that should explain the existence of life and the development of human beings in the world: the theory of evolution and the Creationism. The first one is the scientific discovery that has had the greatest impact on our representation of the living world and the place we occupy. It has replaced the idea of Man as a human being created by God in his image to the idea of a species evolving from a very long evolutionary history from other organizations. This is, of course, the essential reason for the misunderstandings, reticence and rejections of which it is always the object. It also changes our perception of ecosystems, which we now know to be constantly changing and no longer static (a vision still predominant in the so-called 'ecologist' movement). 

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Creationists, on the other hand, openly position themselves for the existence of God behind the origin of the species. They do not hide their religious views according to which science leads to the idea of God, where the constitution and diversity of nature would be the work of the Almighty. Despite the fact that scientists have tried to prove the theory of evolution with the enunciation of several theories such as Lamarckism, Darwinism and Neo-Darwinism, etc., there is still a great debate on this controversial subject. So, would evolutionists and creationists all be right or would one of them be more credible than the other?

First of all, throughout this essay, each of the two points of view presented above will be discussed, then it will be explained why despite the lack of evidence brought by the creationists, some still believe in this theory and rely on it while with a large number of evidences presented by evolutionists, there is still some doubt in us.

Starting with Creationism, which is a movement that has been very important in the United States for a long time, has arrived in Europe from the North. Thus, it became common to meet students on campus, even biologists, who were creationists. Some of them oppose the Bible to Darwin, deny evolution to the benefit of creation, others claim that the world is too complex not to have been created by a smart being. From Genesis and other books, Creationism attempts to describe in a rigorous way how things have unfolded since the Creation of the World. Some Christians, especially theologians and some scientists, who are often questionable and of rather low level, have set themselves up as creationist researchers to scientifically defend their point of view. They argue that during the Creation, God would have created 'the Heavens and the Earth' for six days, from the creation of the inert to that of the living and that of the animals to that of the Man and the Woman. 

In this view, all humans descend from a single pair and, likewise, all animal species descend respectively from a single pair by species, the idea of trans-species evolution being pitilessly dismissed as anti-biblical. This theory is called in Biology Fixism. Indeed, for some researchers, the theory of evolution does not explain the complexity of some organisms. “Living things have fantastically intricate features at the anatomical, cellular and molecular level that could not function if they were any less complex or sophisticated. The only prudent conclusion is that they are the products of intelligent design, not evolution.” (Rennie J., 2002). Creationist 'researchers' try to highlight the existence of flaws in current evolutionary biological theories, at the level of some facts still difficult to explain, which makes them say erroneous things about the state of the biological sciences. In particular, positive mutations are presented as posing great problems for scientists, which has not been the case for a long time.

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