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I’m here to tell you about my rise to greatness and my falls along the way. It all started one magical day “January 1st 2008” I had entered the earth that day the world had received a gift directly from God wrapped by his glorious archangels… I was born in Newmarket Ontario southlake hospital at around 8:30 my wonderful mother Angela had birthed me she had recently got inspiration from father love to name me Joseph after Jesus’s father who is greatly outshadowed by Mary. He had given up the donkey for mary and walked all the way to bethlehem on foot staying awake when mary slept to make sure they were safe, he charged through the desert in the blazing hot by day and freezing cold by night like a trooper, that’s probably were I got my fighting personality.

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I have a perfect family, 2 parents and 8 of their children the parents are as previously mentioned my mom Angela being as loving and beautiful as always and my father Dean he’s very kind and always wants the best for his children, the 8 children are as follows me Joseph being caring and charming, Grace who is very concerned for all of her friends and family and she never wants them to get hurt or do anything stupid, there’s Domenic who just wants to have fun with his family and make good relationships, there’s joy she’s so nice, funny, caring and smart, there’s Anthony who’s amazing at cooking and wants to have a great work environment, followed by William the oldest male he’s smart sporty and loving and at last there’s Adelle and Allana who are best friends and are very smart caring and beautiful. So now join me on this sensational journey to greatness.

Here I am, joseph the almighty wizard of odd But where exactly is “here” well I’ll tell you. I lived in aurora Ontario for the first ten years of my life. I recently moved to newmarket ontario and am now eleven, the year that I’ve lived here has been the most emotionally splitting seeing as I really didn’t want to come but I had a great time being here. I should talk about my education but that’s a story for another paragraph.

So my education, that’s a jest. Since I was born on the first of january I was always the oldest in my grade, as well as the most intelligent. I’t all stayed the same until grade four when I had to take the pace test, I had previously been tested for any mental disabilities the results didn’t come back until December, that day was fateful. First off I hear that i’m going to one of my favourite restaurants “mercury diner” when we arrive we order our food and sit down while we were waiting my mom starts talking about all these exceptional people with autism(I didn’t get the hint) and she shows me a ted talk about a guy with autism and his journey. The food finally arrived and we started eating about half way through our meal my mom drops the obvious truth on me “you have autism” she remarked. My mom proceeded to look around the restauraunt and saw someone familiar “is thatthe guy from the ted talk” she said turns out it was. I didn’t know what to feel after seeing all of these exceptional people I should be happy, I always knew I had a different thought process than others. What they didn’t tell me is I was gifted.

So here I am now being majestic slapping my chest and saying how rude when I'm offended. I’m now being loved by all making friends and writing autobiographies. I want to give a special thanks to my parents because without them I definitely wouldn't be here today. So now I ask you and I expect an answer who do you know that’s autistic the finest, most comical and friendliest? 

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