Examples of Imagery in Romeo and Juliet

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Have you ever had a miscommunication in your life that caused a little mess up but everything was better afterward? What If because of miscommunication two teen lovers killed themselves and another was murdered. Three lives were lost all because someone couldn’t get a message across that could have easily made this story have a happier ending. In William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, miscommunication is most to blame for the deaths of the play because of Friar John not giving the letter to Romeo, Paris confronting Romeo, and Lady Capulet thinking Juliet was crying about Tybalt.

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Friar John not being able to give the letter to Romeo was the worst miscommunication that happened in Romeo and Juliet. When Friar Laurence made up a plan for Juliet and Romeo to be together, It was of the up-most importance that Romeo knew that they were faking Juliet’s death. However, when Friar John was giving the task to give the letter to Romeo, he came back and told Frair Laurence about how the town health officials thought the house they were staying in was infected by the plaque and wouldn’t let them out. When asked about the letter Frair John replied: “I could not send it—here it is again—Nor get a messenger to bring it thee, So fearful were they of infection.” (5.2.256-257). Because of this event the two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, will both commit suicide for the act of love. With Romeo not getting the message of Juilet sleeping potion, he weeps in the sorrow of his dead newly wife and decides he should rest with her in death. Romeo proceeds to break into the Capulet’s tomb and takes a bottle of poison and drinks the bottle whole and dies within seconds next to Juliet. When Juliet wakes up from her slumber, she’s horrified to see that her husband has killed himself because he thought she was dead! Juliet did the only thing she thought she could do to be with her lover and took Romeo’s dagger and said: “O happy dagger, This is thy sheath. There rust and let me die.” (5.3. 274-275). And with that moment, Juliet stabbed herself and passed away next to her lover, Romeo.

County Paris not knowing that Romeo was the secret lover of Juliet caused him his life. County Paris was supposed to get married to Juliet but when things turned south, everyone believed that Juliet had really died, including Paris. Of course, he was sad that what would have been his newly wedded wife was dead and he knew Romeo was up to something with Tybalt dying from a duel with Romeo and everyone believed because of that fight, Juliet died of grief. So when Paris saw Romeo at the Capulet’s tomb, he said: “And here is come to do some villainous shame To the dead bodies. I will apprehend him” and so he did the only thing he thought was necessary, and that was to fight Romeo. Unknown to Paris however, Romeo is on a suicide mission and when Paris refused to leave Romeo said: “Wilt thou provoke me? Then have at thee, boy!” (5.3. 266-267). As both sides clashed swords with each other, only Romeo came out victorious even though at the end of the night he himself would perish. Romeo only really came there for one reason, It wasn’t to disrespect the dead, He was there so that Romeo can lay next to Juliet one last time. This all led to a pile of avoidable deaths. If Romeo explained to Paris what he was there for or If Paris asked questions regarding the lovers together, the death of County Paris could have not happened.

Lady Capulet believed Juliet was crying about Tybalt’s death while in reality, she was crying for Romeo. After the infamous fight between Romeo and Tybalt, Tybalt laid dead while Romeo was banished and to be never heard from again. When all this happened, Juliet losing her lover and her cousin, starting to cry. When her mother Lady Capulet came in to see her, she believed Juliet was crying only for Tybalt’s death which was caused by Romeo, not knowing the secret love the two had. Lady Capulet went as far as to planning his death by saying: “/…/ Shall give him such an unaccustomed dram That he shall soon keep Tybalt company. And, then, I hope, thou wilt be satisfied.” (3.5. 194-195). Lady Capulet means that she is willing to poison Romeo’s drink just because she thought Juliet was that upset about Tybalt’s death. With also spreading rumors about Romeo being the bad guy when Paris confronted Romeo at the Capulet’s tomb, he was under the impression that Romeo wanted to do bad things to the graves without knowing that Romeo and Juliet were lovers and Romeo wanted to die with Juliet. Lady Capulet was extremely mistaken by Juliet’s tears that she had no idea what was really going on which lead to the death of Count Paris under the influence of a rumor.

Miscommunication is proven to have caused the most deaths in Romeo And Juliet. With examples such as Romeo not getting the message, Paris fighting Romeo without context, and Miss Capulet wronging Juliet’s crying. In the play, we know this because all these events happen because one or more people don’t have the correct or enough amount of information which leads to deadly consequences sometimes. An example could be how because Romeo never getting the letter that told him about the plan for Juliet’s sleeping potion, he decided to kill himself or how Count Paris tried to kill Romeo because he thinks Romeo will disrespectful the Capulets tomb while in reality, Romeo wanted to die next to Juliet. All miscommunications in Romeo and Juliet have led to the death of three characters and two heartbroken families.                        

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