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A belief that I’ve learned about throughout my whole life was from my parents when I was younger. At a young age, both my mom and dad told me a quote that they heard from their parents, they said, ‘strategy is important…but execution is everything.’ This quote has been in our family for generations. Since then, I’ve always believed that strategy is not a profit. There are books filled with strategies that people could all over the world that were never implemented. To be successful, you had to know how to execute different kinds of strategies repetitively as that is how you will be able to get that one strategy you had out to the world, who either never thought about it or never implemented it. I believe that by executing my plans and strategies, I have become stronger and ready to face the world with confidence and positivity. 

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When I was younger, my parents showed me what it was like to go above and beyond to succeed and told me many stories about execution being more important than strategies,. My parents had a potential opportunity to be promoted at their company. The manager was actively searching for ideas to increase sales and decrease costs. The employee who created the most exceptional plan had the opportunity to be promoted to a higher position. During this meeting, my parents had a plan in midst that they thought would have limited impact, but they took the initiative to execute their plan while others were still discussing strategies. The other workers were still lost in their discussions when my parents executed their plan. Their belief was that while strategy was important, execution is the key to success. Their main strategy consists of securing sponsorships with other companies and organizations so there would be more money allotted for sales and advertising. During the meeting, while others were talking, my parents took the opportunity to execute their plan by messaging sponsors. They received some tentative responses from sponsors that were willing to negotiate a contribution to the company. My parents showed their success to the manager, who was delighted by the potential success and profits involved. Then, my parents were rewarded for their initiative and execution of their strategy. This story demonstrates the importance of this belief and how it can lead you to success. By executing their strategy instead of being lost in the discussion, my parents dominated the meeting and were rewarded for their successful results.

I learned the importance of execution when I missed an opportunity in art class. In this class, I was introduced to my formal summative project where I had to create a mural based on a topic. The professor told us we all have the remaining time to choose one of the available topics. Only a limited number of students could pick the same topic. I spent the class brainstorming ideas for my mural and suddenly an idea entered my mind. Unfortunately, I was crippled by my shyness and indecisiveness. However, by the time I gathered my courage to speak to the professor, it was too late. All of the available spots were already taken by the time I went up. I was devastated by how all of my planning and ideas were tossed out the window because I couldn’t execute my plan. This reminded me of the belief that my parents explained to me, how strategy is important, but execution is the key to success. Before, I never really understood the consequences of this belief, but after I saw how this opportunity slipped out of my hands, I finally understood the meaning of what my parents were saying. My experiences in the art class helped me understand that strategizing is important, but the execution is far more important and no emotions should block your path to success. The reason for that is because emotions tend to make people blind and lose their thoughts easily by being pressurized with emotions

For me, these lessons are not just stories, but facts and lifelong memories. I still remember those concepts today and will put to good use as I grow up. This belief has stuck to all of my thoughts and will remain to do so for the rest of my life. This is a kind of belief that I’d say every child needs to hear from their parents in order to succeed. It is something that sticks to every child’s mind because they are still young and developing and that means, when they go on in life to succeed, they will always remember this piece of advice and apply it to everything they do. and it makes them remember to always execute a plan or strategy whenever you get one, otherwise, you will regret not implementing that strategy in the future. Execution is far more important than planning because without execution, there can be no success.

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