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Executive Summary: Non Tech Firms Leverage Technology

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There are millions of startups that are launched every year. Not all of them are technology related firms. The highest funding companies are the software or technology companies and most people invest in them (Peerbits). With our current fast pace growing culture with technology, a lot of non tech firms face problems to keep up with the tech firms.

However, it is up to the business to leverage technology to be able to hold a ground in the competitive market. Johnson & Johnson, Starbucks, Macys, Dominio’s Pizza, etc are all non tech firms. Today they all use technology in some way to benefit their business and stay in this very competitive market. They all do not have the same way to leverage the technology.Johnson & Johnson for example, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assort through job applications and find the best candidates (The Economist). Domino’s Pizza, Inc not only just makes pizza but also delivers pizza. They have used technology in a different way than Johnson & Johnson.

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Domino’s Pizza has a app that allows customers to order their pizza and track what stage their pizza is in the making and when it is sent out for delivery. They also made it a possibility to order pizzas via twitter and texting an emoji (Investors Place). Starbucks today has stepped a level up with their app and allow their customers to order via the app. They also allow customers to pay via the app by uploading or linking your own card or their rewards card. Starbucks is a go to café that is busy no matter what time of the hour. Their app has allowed them to hold a ground in the market (Investors Place). The app has been such a convenience to customers as they can order beforehand and pick up their drink when its ready, this cuts down the customers wait time to order and then to pick up their order after its ready.

Their app also allows customers to track their previous orders, get updates on new drinks that Starbucks have come up with. A lot of non tech firms have used technology some way or the other to stay in the market, however I personally think that non tech businesses face hardships when they don’t have enough funding to help them mold in technology into their daily businesses. It is not always easy for every business to start an app as they would need to hire someone to build the app, along with the app they would need someone to monitor it and have continuous updates to the app. With proving results from the companies mentioned, it is not necessary for a business to be a technology firm to be successful. Non tech firms today, incorporate technology in their best suitable way to keep their customers, or to keep the firm running smoothly. There are no limitations to how technology is used, it is up to one to figure out how they want to use it.


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