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Exercising Keeps You Fit

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In every-day life a human being has three portions of meal; breakfast, lunch and then dinner. The quantity of meal depends on the appetite of each individual and also on the weight and size of them. A person who has a weak physique and small height would probably be eating less than a person who is fat and tall. This variation is because a huge person would need more energy to work and hence more food than a feeble one. Assume that we keep eating for days and days just by sitting at one place and doing nothing, what would possibly happen? We could have bloating in our stomach, belly fat and in worst cases diabetes too.

Why? This is the answer, as we eat the food will be stored as fat in our body and fats needs to be burned! For this purpose it is essential that we should have some body movement to burn the stored fat otherwise it can lead us to many chronic diseases. Even it is recommended by doctors not to sit continuously for 50 minutes. That is why people who do office work by spending 5-6 hours on their desk gains weight easily. Now the question arises; how to burn the fat that is consumed every day? Exercising is the best possible way to do that. When you start exercising, it will not only help you to deuce your gained weight but it brings so much more to you like a feeling of freshness, being active all day, treat muscle pains and brings a glow to your face.

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Types Of Exercises: Every body movement that stretched or made any part of your body to effort is an exercise. The common ones are:

  • Swimming: One of the best exercises of all. Swimming targets your arms, legs, glutes, back and core. It makes your body flexible and makes your heart pumps faster. Daily swimming of 20 minutes or thrice a week can have wonders for your body.
  • Walking: The simplest of exercise is walking which needs no training session, no machines, just 40 minutes of your daily routine and you will feel better. It controls the weight and if you are walking in fresh air then you can have all carbon dioxide breathed out.
  • Aerobics: Aerobics aka cardio is an exercise that pumps your heart faster and makes it work well. It boosts your energy and gives you a good posture. It is done with full music so it enhances your mood too.
  • Gym: If you are a person who not only wants to shed their pounds but also wants to tone their body into a particular shape can join gym. There are many machines in a gym that can help you to tone your body such as calf machines and hyper extension machines. Gym is also a must these days for guys who want to have a good built. It helps you burn fat with a faster pace than exercises at your home. There will be some days when you don’t want to exercise at all, but if you are a gym member you will be ought to go there so gym makes exercise must for your daily life. By seeing other people doing exercise there, you yourself will be motivated to do better.

Exercising Health Benefits: So if you are convinced to do exercise daily these could be the benefits that it may bring to your mind and body:

  • Heart diseases can be cured by good amount of exercise as it will keep blood flowing in your body and increases high-density lipoprotein preventing heart from getting dead.
  • Obesity is the cause of many diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular problems and cholesterol. By having 30 minutes dose of any exercise daily will help you shed your weight regularly.
  • Depression which is a hindrance in our social life can be cured with daily dose of exercise as a hormone is released by your body named endorphins which makes you happy and relaxed.
  • Insomnia is also a big issue these days which can be treated with exercising daily.

For the best case try a combination of exercises like swimming, walking, lifting machines and aerobics. Give a particular amount of time in your whole day for exercising daily and try to keep yourself motivated. It is not a miracle that will bring change in your body in few days, it all happens slowly and gradually and if you will be keep yourself active then it can last longer.


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